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Nov 27

In preparation for our upcoming Google Analytics training workshop, you can watch these YouTube videos.  The videos are part of a few different webinars that we have put together and feature our grand poobah, Feras Alhlou.  Topics include: understanding web analytics, introduction to Google Analytics, and maximizing your return on investment (ROI).  So if you want to feel a little less confused during the training workshop, we advice you to watch these videos:

  1. Understanding Web Analytics Webinar
  2. Intro to Google Analytics Webinar Part 1
  3. Intro to Google Analytics Webinar Part 2
  4. Maximize ROI Webinar Part 1
  5. Maximize ROI Webinar Part 2

Written by Mohamed Ghoneim.

Nov 17
Back in November of 2006, our friends at GA Experts posted a method to get detailed PPC keyword data from Google Analytics. This method involved creating a seperate profile and using some intimidating but powerful filters. I really liked and referenced this method because it isolated the changes to a single profile and didn’t involve any updates to the GA tracking code. Obviously I would prefer if this feature came built-in to GA but at least now you could get to some very useful data with very little work. Lots of keywords!

As Google Analytics was updated over time, the way the filters were using Custom Field 1 was no longer possible and so the profile broke. The smart folks over at ROI Revolution came up with another way to get to the exact PPC keyword data using the User Defined field and adding 2 lines to the GA tracking code. This was a great solution and probably suitable for a lot of people. However, I preferred not having to update the tracking code (this can be very difficult on some client sites), saving the User Defined field for other uses, and also being able to isolate the keyword extraction and concatenation to one profile.

I still see some blogs referring to the original method that doesn’t work anymore so one day I tried playing with the original filters approach and after 2 months of observing the data, it appears to be working correctly. Please follow these screenshots & instructions to give it a try for yourself.

Filter 1 – look at only paid traffic data.

  1. From your account, click on Filter Manager.
  2. Click on Add Filter.
  3. Give it a name such as Data Filter – PPC.
  4. Filter type is custom filter.
  5. Select on the Include option.
  6. The filter field should be Campaign Medium.
  7. The filter pattern can be cpc|ppc
  8. Click on Save Changes.

PPC Keywords Filter 1

Filter 2 – extract the actual keyword that was typed and concatenate it to the paid keyword that was matched.

  1. Assuming you are still in the Filter Manager, click on Add Filter.
  2. Give it a name such as Data Filter – PPC Keywords.
  3. Filter type is custom filter.
  4. Select the Advanced option.
  5. Field A -> Extract A should be set to Referral and the value needs to be (\?|&)(q|p|query)=([^&]*)
  6. Field B -> Extract B should be set to Campaign Term and the value needs to be (.*)
  7. Output -> Constructor should be set to Campaign Term and the value needs to be $B1 – ($A3)
  8. Field A required, Field B required, and Override Output Field all need to be set to Yes.

Please click on the screenshot to view the full version.

PPC Keywords Filter 2

Finally create a new profile with a name such as PPC Keywords Data and all your usual settings (default page, search settings, goals, etc). Make sure you apply these two new filters to it.

This method seems to work for Google, Yahoo, and MSN paid traffic. Below is a screenshot with sample results. Let me know if it works for you!

Result of PPC Keywords filters

Nov 17

We’re pretty happy to be included on Alltop.  You might be wondering what Alltop is.  Alltop is sort of like an online magazine rack or a blog of blogs.  You can use it as a starting point to explore groups or aggregates of topics.  It can save you the work of using an RSS aggregator if you are subscribed to a ton of RSS feeds and need the incoming information to organized and sorted.

Visit for exciting web analytics news and visit for top stories.

Nov 13

Don’t forget, Google released enterprise-class features for all Google Analytics accounts on Monday November 10. Implement these enhanced features and improve your analytics!

  • Account Management Dashboard
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Custom Reporting
  • Data Export API
  • Integrated Report with AdSense
  • Motion Charts

Read more about these features on our original post.

Interested in learning more about Google Analytics?  Attend our upcoming Google Analytics workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area.

E-Nor Workshop

Nov 10

Don’t miss out! GAACs are in town and Google is sponsoring this Web Analytics Wednesday. If you haven’t signed up yet, it is not too late to sign up here

I am pretty sure you’ll have a lot of fun, network with your industry colleagues, and even an opportunity to get some of your GA questions answered :)

Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Venue: Gordon Biersch
Address: 640 Emerson Street, Palo Alto, CA

Nov 05

Your website isn’t just a luxury anymore.  Save this data and improve your ROI!
Learn industry best practices for Google Analytics implementation and cutting edge techniques for marketing optimization!

Save the date and join us in our upcoming Google Analytics implementation and marketing optimization workshop. The training workshop will be held at the Westin, San Francisco Airport, from 9:00 to 4:30 and we will provide lunch.

We have some amazing feedback from our last workshop in the Bay Area (see testimonials at the end of the post) and we are doubling the dose this time around! Yes, two days of nothing than Google Analytics, from the ground up, from basics to advanced topics, including all the new and cool features recently announced by Google.

What are we planing to cover?  Day 1 is dedicated to implementation and setup, ensuring you have GA properly installed, filters, profiles, overview on reporting, the new user interface, and more.  In Day 2, not only we will cover more advanced implementation techniques such as advanced filters, event tracking, and custom segments, but we will also dive into marketing optimization, measuring and ROI, KPIs, dashboards, and much more. Please preview the detailed agenda.

Day 2 builds on the topics discussed on the first day so we recommend you attend both days to maximize your learning. If you have attended our previous Google Analytics workshop then you are ready for day 2 of this upcoming training.

You will have ample time to speak with our Google Analytics specialists and log into your account to show us issues that we can troubleshoot for you.  We will cover case studies in real time.

As an added incentive, register before Dec. 3 and receive a free copy of Web Analytics – An Hour a Day.

Web Analytics - An Hour a Day

Again, visit our site for more information and click here to register. We have a limited capacity so reserve your seat today!


Hello Feras,

I wanted to thank you for yesterday’s workshop.  I found it to be immensely valuable.  I’m sorry I did not have a chance to thank you in person, but I had to leave early to catch a train back to San Francisco. Thanks again.  Please keep me posted about the advanced training. Also, a colleague of mine may be interested in attending the intro class.

L. G., Internet Communications Coordinator

Hello Feras and Team E-Nor,

I just wanted to say thank you for the most excellent and helpful seminar on Google Analytics. I learned many useful tips and tricks that I would probably never have learned otherwise w/o digging deep into some forum or random blog posting. Please do keep me in the loop for future seminars, I’ll be first in line.

E. N., Online Marketing Specialist


I want to tell you that I very much enjoyed the class and that I felt you did an excellent job.  I am less interested in the specifics of how to implement Google Analytics and more interested in what I must look for.  I want to tell you if I ever have the right client, I would recommend your firm and hope that is the case.  It was excellent all the way around and I look forward to reading the book and all the rich wealth of materials you provided.  Thank you sincerely.

R. S., Marketing Consultant

E-Nor team,

Very good, lots of good information that I didn’t know, even though I’ve been using GA for 1-1/2 years.

T. P.,  SEM Specialist