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Jun 22

If you are serious about turning data into insight, there is no better place to be (and so many bright and nice people to see) than eMetrics, the Marketing Optimization Summit. I’ll be speaking at eMetrics New York, October 17-21, and I hope to see you all there.

Samantha Bedford of Location 3, Thomas Bosilevac of Mashable Metrics, and I will be cover the “A Few of My Favorite Tools” session on Friday October 21, 2011 from 1:10-2:00pm.

As our dear friend Jim Sterne said: “Consultants are tool agnostic” and “they certainly have their favorites and they know how to use them.”  Come join us to learn about some of the coolest analytics, integration, and visualization tools out there.

Early Bird Registration ends September 2nd, so register now and take advantage of the early bird special. Oh, and you can even save more, by using this 10% Promotional Speaker Discount code: EMOSSPEAK.

Don’t miss out!  Join us and the eMetrics folks to “celebrate 10 years of turning data into insight” If there is a specific tool you would like reviewed, please reply in the comment section below or email me directly, feras @ e-nor dot com.


Apr 06

My trip to the UK was short and I didn’t get to see around, as usual :-( , but what made up for it was the amazing 1-day training experience with 43 consultants – all thirsty to learn about Google Analytics! I hope I lived up to your expectations and gave you enough to jumpstart your journey towards Google Analytics mastery and offering more value to your clients.

We had a full day packed with presentations, discussions, Q&A’s, and case studies. Some of the attending consultants had specific questions and wanted additional references, and I thought I would share it here for all to benefit:

  • Here is a link to a previous post on additional Google Analytics tips.
  • There was a question regarding on-site search in Google Analytics. How do you configure two different on-site search tools (for example, one search technology on your and another search technology on Answer: you can configure GA to look for up to 5 query parameters and 5 category parameters.
  • Another question. How are screen resolution reports generated? GA reads it from computer settings since the ga.js is executed locally on your computer.
  • How to exclude a range of IP addresses in Google Analytics.
  • Site scan is a tool to verify if the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) is correctly installed on your site.

I hope you found the above Q&A helpful. Feel free to send us an email or leave a comment if you have any other questions.

Mar 19

I’ll be heading out to the UK next week to attend WSI’s Excellence & Innovation conference for their global internet marketing consultants. On Monday March 30, I’ll be conducting a one day workshop on Google Analytics. I am told we have 40+ registered attendees (the event is already sold out!) and I am really looking forward to this session.

We typically run a 2-day Google Analytics workshop and pace the material accordingly. So cramming everything in to one day is going to be a challenge. Don’t worry WSI consultants, I won’t cram too much – I’ll be selective :) . The other challenge I am going to address is the needs of a mixed audience: some beginners, some with working knowledge of GA, and others that are pretty GA savvy. I don’t have a perfect solution for this challenge, but having done a number of these online marketing and analytics workshops over the years, I think we have managed to figure out a way to run them effectively. We will ensure that at the end of the day everyone will leave with a lot of practical tips, step-by-step guides, and references on how to enhance their Google Analytics implementation, analysis, and consulting know-how.

The workshop agenda has been sent to the attendees but I am planning on a couple of extra sessions. I would appreciate your comments on what you want to see in these extra sessions. Either email me directly at (feras @ e-nor .com) or leave a comment on this post.

I am known for being a last minute guy :) , so me writing this post almost two weeks ahead of the event is almost unheard of! The first thing the folks in the office will say when they read this post is “are you feeling ok?” :)


PS. We also have an upcoming Google Analytics workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area, on June 17 & 18.

Sep 08

I am looking for input from the Internet Marketing consultants attending the WSI Global conference in Las Vegas on September 16.  Social networking is the theme of the conference and I’ll be presenting on “web analytics and social networking”. The title of my session is “Analyze as you Socialize” (Arti and team get all the credit for this cool title! :) ).

I am known to be a last minute guy, but believe it or not, I am well ahead on this presentation and might have it all ready in the next couple of days!

I’ll be covering a number of topics, one  I know people want to hear about is “event tracking” in Google Analytics. I plan to show some reports and analysis of video tracking.  But my challenge is to meet the needs of the audience since we will have beginners, intermediate and advanced level consultants.

I would really appreciate it if you can post a comment or email me directly (feras at e-nor . com) with what you like to see in the presentation. I’ll attempt to refine the presentation to address the needs of the audience and also include references & materials that consultants can use right away.

Thank you in advance and hope to see you there!

Jan 21

This post is directed to the Internet Marketing consultants that attended our Web Analytics Webinar series in 2007 and those interested in continuing their learning in 2008. We will be kicking off our 2008 series soon!

We have received some feedback about areas of interests and wanted to ask for more input & ideas on topics you would like covered.

We’d love for you to take few minutes and share your comments with us and let us know what specific areas you are interested in. For example:

  • How to demonstrate the value in committing the resources to implement an analytics program (this is for those of you that are having difficult time selling analytics to clients that really need it)
  • Analytics implementation & best practices
  • On-going analysis/consulting
  • Other topics that you have on your mind

Let us know via the comment box below. Thanks!

Aug 29

This tip is for web developers, consultants, and also for webmasters that rely on other entities to provide content for their site. In my experience, getting quality & relevant content for the website you are working on is one of the most challenging tasks in the project cycle.

A friend and a partner of ours, Burns Smith, (who had a previous guest post on this blog), showed me an email he sent to a joint client of ours asking him for updates on content. I thought Burns’ note was very creative, funny, and effective. Check it out below (name of client was removed for privacy purposes):



Let me introduce myself: I am your new website However, I am very sad because I am content poor and do not have any pictures of the great products you build. I feel very naked and the other websites on the internet are making fun of me. Can you help me out?

I know articles are being published in two Magazines that will highlight your products. That will undoubtedly cause people to come view me. I am going to be very embarrassed for them to see me like this.

If you will just help me out then I promise I will make you money. I really do know how to entice internet door buyers to come see me but I need more content and images to be able to tell your story properly.

Yours truly,


Burns, this was very creative!!!

Oct 18

This is a post by my friend and a fellow Internet Consultant, Burns Smith, in Madison, MS. We have known Burns for almost two years now and we have worked together on several projects. Burns continues to impress us with his ability to educate his clients on the need to invest the time and effort upfront to better scope the opportunity so all parties are aware of what is involved and expectations are set accordingly. We’ve asked Burns to share his approach with us and below is what he wrote. We hope you find it of benefit to your business as well!

Burns says:

As a professional Internet Consultant, one of the dilemmas I face is at what point should I be charging for my time. I understand that any business relationship must go through an introductory stage. I also know that I must invest enough time to establish my credibility with the buyer. However, what I am selling is my time, my knowledge, and my access to a tremendous network of resources. At some point I should be on the clock and get paid for what I do. To do otherwise is not fair to me and encourages non-serious tire kickers to waste my time.

So when should I start charging for my services? After experimentation with several different approaches, I decided that the best one was to charge for my proposals. It takes a lot of my time to meet with a client, understand his or her needs, match those needs up to the correct Internet solution, and then meet again with the client to review the proposal. However, I make sure I share enough information in the initial appointment that it is very clear that I will bring value to the process. I also encourage potential buyers to check my references. If the project is not overly complex, I explain to the client that the next step of the process is going to take a significant investment on my part and the end result is that he or she will be much more educated about website design and internet marketing.

I usually throw out a nominal fee. I quite often get responses such as “I understand” or “That’s not a big deal.” For those who object, I believe I have just weeded out a non-buyer. The fee does not truly compensate me for all of the time required to generate a proposal. However, I believe these are the benefits to be gained by following this process:

  • It enhances my credibility.
  • It establishes from the beginning that I get paid for my time and knowledge.
  • It screens out non-serious buyers.
  • It helps me to understand if I am talking to the decision maker.
  • Buyers will better value something for which they have paid.
  • If they do not buy, I have at least have been compensated in some fashion.

If the project is going to be more complex, I explain that it will take quite a bit of time and analysis to scope out the project in order to set a price and that I will be charging an hourly rate in this initial stage of the project development. The client will in turn receive a detailed project definition and a price.

J. Burns Smith, Jr.
Internet Consultant
(601) 853-4449
P.O Box 1213
Madison, MS

Sep 10

Internet Consultants (ICs) have different strategies in running their companies, some are very hands-on, and like to implement programs on their own, while other ICs tend to outsource project management and implementation to production centers, authorized suppliers, and third party vendors. In his training workshop, Feras Alhlou emphasizes the need for consultants to determine what business model best fits them and stick to that model.

I believe in on-going education though, and below is a list of recommended resources and reading for ICs to keep their skills sharpened and continuously quality internet marketing service and drive business results to their end clients. Even if an Internet Consultant (IC) decides to outsource most of their implementations, a sound understanding of marketing strategies and tactics as well as emerging internet marketing trends is vital for the success of their business. Below is a list of sites, blogs and articles on topics such as pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics (WA) and other related internet marketing programs.

If you have a tool that you think it is helpful to other Internet Consultants, feel free to email Feras and let him know about it. For more information and help on Internet Marketing programs such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Web Analytics Services, feel free to contact us or drop us an email.