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Jun 19

UPDATE 8/29/2014: Some users have informed us this way no longer works (Google is always changing things!). You can click here and request your account to be restored (which provides a telephone number to call and simple instructions). Keep in mind you still need an adwords account.

deleted google analytics accountIn recent weeks, we’ve received a number of calls for Google Analytics accounts that have been deleted or have lost access to. Most of them think we are Google, but even upon finding out that we are partners, plead with us to help them.

Unfortunately, while we would love to help, only Google has control over these accounts. In order for even a chance to recover it, we found a “secret”, non-intuitive way to contact Google about it, but it’s the only way we could find.

Please follow the following instructions:

  • Login into an Adwords account (Note: if you are not logged into an adwords account or do not have one, it wont work. You can sign up for an adwords account here.)
  • Go to this link: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009692?hl=en#
  • Click on the “Contact Us” link in the footer.
  • Choose the email option for “Adwords” customers, NOT “Partner Provided Support” for Google Analytics Certified Partners.
  • You will get a screen that lists a couple options. Click “Google Analytics”.
  • The next screen will give you several options. Choose “Can’t Access Analytics.”
  • It will give you a form where you must provide your name, email (should be company branded), phone, Analytics account Id (UA number), Analytics login email, website, and summary of your issue.

There’s no guarantee that your account will be fixed or recovered, but this is your best shot. Also, Google is constantly changing their processes and policies. Not sure how long this will be available or if they decided to fix the inconsistencies across browsers (or if they fix the fact that to get Google Analytics support, you have to click on Adwords!)

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6 Responses to “Google Analytics Account Deleted or Lost Access”

  1. Dayna says:

    I just got your voicemail referring me to your blog. Thanks for directing me to the right place. I didn’t realize that all I probably needed to do was sign up for AdWords just to get an account number with them to get service. I really appreciate it!!!

  2. Farid Alhadi says:

    You’re most welcome! Hope it helps!

  3. Trevor Keane says:


    I was wondering if you can help me.

    I need to get user management access to my Google Analytics account – at the moment we only appear to have view capabilities. We are struggling to locate the master account linked to the account (it may have been a previous employee who won’t provide it)

    Any help appreciated.


  4. Farid Alhadi says:

    Thank you for contacting E-Nor. Unfortunately we don’t have access to log in information (only Google does, not Google partners), we’ve written this short blog post on that you might find useful: http://www.e-nor.com/blog/google-analytics/google-analytics-account-deleted-or-lost-access

  5. Gus G. says:

    The link provided at the top of this page is obsolete and this indicates that this type of information is always transient and needs constant updating.

    I was able to have Google restore my account by clicking on this contact linkm which provided the telephone to call and simple instructions:


    Mind you, you need to create a Google adwords account if you don’t already have one.

    I got the link by googling the question “Adwords Google contact us link”

    Gus G.

  6. Farid Alhadi says:

    Thanks Gus! Absolutely right, this stuff is always changing and needs to be updated. We havent been able to verify a new way, but thanks to users like you who updates us. Will update the post.


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