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Apr 01

Google Analytics Independence Day

And other April Fools 2013 jokes!

We got a couple Google Analytics service calls this morning from some concerned patrons freaking out about traffic in their real-time report that was coming from an international space station (one of them was a government call!).

WTH? International spies? Aliens?

Well, we looked at a couple of other client profiles, and we saw the same exact traffic… and it actually isn’t counted in the real-time counter.

google analytics international space station april fools 2013

41 visits all day consistently… 4/1… April fools… pssssshhhhh….
Looks like we’ve been dupped by Google Analytics April Fools 2013. Very funny :/

Here’s another Google Analytics April Fools joke where you can export reports to Floppy Disk! http://analytics.blogspot.com/2013/04/updating-export-and-send-features-to.html

Checkout some of today’s other April Fools Jokes from Google and Youtube:

Gmail Blue


Google Nose


Youtube Winner – Best Video Ever (Youtube Shutting Down!)


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