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Jul 19

Client Background/General Information

1. e-Commerce Knowledge
Implemented an eCommerce solution previously?
–> If yes,
- The name of the solution?
- Was the solution implemented in house or with a web development company?
- Was the solution maintained (e.g. products uploaded) in house or through a web development company?
–> If no, level of familiarity with eCommerce?
- Very familiar
- Somewhat familiar
- Not familiar

2. Is the client replacing an existing eCommerce solution?
- Why?
- What features not working?

3. Client infrastructure
- Where products are produced, packaged & shipped?
- Describe existing non-eCommerce, sales and fulfillment cycles

4. Design Preferences
- Template Design (inexpensive, quick-turnaround, non-unique look & feel)
- Custom Design (expensive, 4+ weeks at least, unique look & feel)

5. Timeline
- Fastest way to deployment:
- Out-of-the-box solution (no custom development whatsoever)
- Template Design
- Client readiness (content, images, infrastructure, payment gateway, etc.)

Identify all aspects of eCommerce
A. Products
- How many products?
- How many categories?
- How many sub-categories?
- Do products come in various styles (e.g. difference colors, different sizes)
- Do you have all product description, images, pricing available?
- If yes, what format (e.g. hard copy, excel spreadsheet, etc.)
- If no, is all the information accessible form a third party?

B. Product updates
- How often do you update your product info (description, pricing, images, etc.)?
- How is product information gathered (manual, catalog, etc.)?

C. Shipping
- Do you have a preference for a shipping carrier, Fedex, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail or others?
- How do you intend on charging for shipping
- How do you intend on processing shipping, using a carriers integrated tool (e.g. UPS WorldShip)

D. Taxes
- Do you have any specific taxes requirements

E. Payment Processing/Online payment gateway
a. Do you have an existing online payment gateway?
i. If yes, please list
ii. If no, do you have a preference which gateway to use (authorize.net, VeriSign, WorldPay, HSBC, etc.)

F. Languages
- The solution default language is XYZ. Do you require your eCommerce solution to support more than one language, if so, please list.

G. Customer types
- Retail?
- Wholesales?
- Others (e.g. members)?

H. Pricing
- What is your pricing model?
- Volume Pricing?
- Do you offer different pricing for each customer type?

I. Inventory
- Inventory Management System?
- Do you intend on integrating the eCommerce solution with your Inventory Management system?

J. Accounting
- Accounting System?
- Do you intend on integrating the eCommerce solution with your accounting system?

K. Ordering
- Do you require the capability of ordering from the system admin interface?

L. Order fulfillment
- Do you manage and ship products in-house or through a third party?
- If you use a third party, do you require an automated integration with the third party?

M. Reports
- In addition to customer and products reports, are there any additional reports required?

N. Feature set
- Favorite Products
- Related Products
- Feature Products
- New Products
- Wish list
- Gift Certificate
- Gift Wrapping
- Multi-currency
- Login/account information/previous orders
- Search
- Others?

O. Other features – Do you plan on having:
- Auction
- Gift Registry
- Download on Demand
- System Admin ordering interface
- Others?

P. How do you plan on marketing the business?
- Do you intend on implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site? (to allow for SEO friendly pages and other SEO considerations)
- Other Internet Marketing programs such as Pay-Per-Click, e-mail marketing, banners?
- How do you currently market the business offline? Have you considered Integrated Marketing Solutions to maximize your ROI?

Q. Post Project Considerations
- Web Hosting requirements: look for reliable eCommerce, secure hosting
- On-going eCommerce solution updates and website maintenance


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