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Apr 01

April Fools! As many know, Google loves to offer “prank” services every year on this day. Here are this year’s pranks (that we could find). Enjoy!


Internet users are evolving. We’re so used to ads, that frankly, we’ve trained our minds to ignore them. Google’s developed a new innovative format that gets your ads to your targets in a fast efficient way – and really catches their attention. Forget “tweeting”…


Emoji Translate

Why are we still using ‘words’? Can ‘words’ smile? Laugh? Say “I’m flirting with you!”? Google plans to translate all of the internet into these fun animated icons…

Welcome to Data-less Decision Making on Analytics Academy
Statistically, what use is ‘data’ really? Numbers can be confusing. Let’s get rid of them…

Gmail Shelfie
Have you ever done a selfie so awesome, you thought everyone else should have it? Gmail let’s you share your selfie…


Introducing Auto Awesome Photobombs with David Hasselhoff
There’s been a lot of cool celebrity photobombs this year. Bet let’s be real – who really wants Nicholas Cage or Beyonce to photobomb you when you could have… the Hoff (David). Google will automatically photobomb your uploaded images with David Hasselhoff…


Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge

Using the technology prepared by the Google Team, Google is looking to hire their very own Pokemon Master!

Google Naps

Not actually from Google, but a funny idea nonetheless. Uses Google Maps to show where you can take naps. It’s not in English, but you can check in via Google Plus.

Found some we missed?

Add them in the comments!

Apr 01

Google Analytics Independence Day

And other April Fools 2013 jokes!

We got a couple Google Analytics service calls this morning from some concerned patrons freaking out about traffic in their real-time report that was coming from an international space station (one of them was a government call!).

WTH? International spies? Aliens?

Well, we looked at a couple of other client profiles, and we saw the same exact traffic… and it actually isn’t counted in the real-time counter.

google analytics international space station april fools 2013

41 visits all day consistently… 4/1… April fools… pssssshhhhh….
Looks like we’ve been dupped by Google Analytics April Fools 2013. Very funny :/

Here’s another Google Analytics April Fools joke where you can export reports to Floppy Disk!

Checkout some of today’s other April Fools Jokes from Google and Youtube:

Gmail Blue

Google Nose

Youtube Winner – Best Video Ever (Youtube Shutting Down!)