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May 02


Our senior partner, Feras Alhlou, is nominated for the Digital Analytics Association Board this year, and he is HAPPY! Check out his dance moves in the video below, courtesy of one of our clients, .

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Jokes aside, Feras is very passionate about analytics and is active in the industry, speaking at various conferences, educating and mentoring fellow analysts and marketers. In 2003, he founded E-Nor, a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Analytics Premium Reseller. Vote for Feras to grow the DAA and to provide more career and professional development for members.

If you’re a DAA member, you’ll receive an email indicating how you can vote.

Click here for more information on the nominees

Some information about Feras from the DAA Site

Feras Alhlou is the principal consultant and co-founder of E-Nor, Inc., a digital analytics and marketing optimization firm serving some of the world’s most recognized brands and data-driven governmental agencies. E-Nor’s vendor-agnostic time-tested analytics framework, combined with senior consulting expertise, enables organizations to adopt a more data-driven culture. Under Feras’ leadership, the firm achieved multiple qualifications including Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller, Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Flurry Analytics Certified Partner, MixPlanel Analytics Certified Partner, Marketo Channel Partner and Tableau Alliance Partner. Feras is a blogger, speaker, and writer, and has been published in WebProNews, Wall Street Journal/Smart Money, Web Marketing Today, Independent Retailer, Practical eCommerce, and the official Google Analytics blog, among others. Feras speaks frequently at industry and global events including eMetrics, Tableau, Google Analytics User Conferences, Search Engine Strategies (SES) and Search Marketing Expo (SMX). He is a member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), a Certified Web Analyst, and Co-Chair of the San Francisco Bay Area DAA Chapter. Feras clearly demonstrates his proactive dedication and commitment to the success of the DAA locally in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Alhlou is an ideal candidate to serve on the DAA board. Since 2006 Feras & E-Nor have been blogging on all things digital marketing and analytics and are more committed than ever to publish and share more thought leadership and relevant content. Feras has traveled the globe educating businesses and marketing consultants on the subjects of marketing optimization and digital analytics. Alhlou has a long history of visionary leadership using creative and forward thinking to drive success. He was the Vice President of Professional Services for Syndeo Corporation, a next generation telecom application provider. Feras was the Director of Custom Solutions for Vicorp, overseeing global solution deployment. Alhlou received a Master of Engineering Management from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tulsa. Feras has served on WSI’s International Advisory Council mentoring marketing consultants globally and is on the board of a number of non-profits including the American Red Cross (Northern California). Feras is married and has three children and enjoys volunteering, reading, skiing and Aikido. An active member of the San Francisco Bay Area, Feras and E-Nor choose to forgo holiday gifts to make a significant contribution to a number of non-profit organizations. We are humbled to share that in 2013 E-Nor has donated over 1% of its revenue and over 750 hour of pro-bono work for non-profits and other causes.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?
I am very passionate about analytics, education and mentorship. As a Digital Analytics Association (DAA) board member, I will embrace the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with the digital analytics community. I co-founded a consulting business, built it from the ground up and nurtured a very talented group of senior consultants, and I believe my years’ of dedication to the growth of the industry is beneficial to the DAA board of directors. I am prepared to commit the time and effort to support the DAA and its initiatives. As an active ambassador, I will generate more awareness, focus on the importance of career development in analytics, increase DAA membership and promote DAA programs.

Why should members vote for you?
I am committed and will deliver results! For more than 20 years, I have volunteered and served on local and national boards for non-profits and organizations within our industry. I am currently a DAA co-chair of the San Francisco Bay Area and was part of the team that successfully organized a local DAA Symposium in 2012 and 2013. For more than six years, I have served on the International Advisory Board for WSI (a franchisor with 1,100 plus worldwide marketing consultants). In this capacity, I played a vital role in establishing mentorship and coaching programs across the globe, and provided strategic input at various levels of the organization. I also serve as an advisor and board member of a national advocacy non-profit with 20 chapters across the country. In this role, I provide guidance on how best to develop the organization and establish successful PR campaigns, communication infrastructure and community development projects. I have a strong dedication to volunteering my time to programs that impact my industry and the community. I would enjoy the opportunity to make a difference as a DAA board member, and will commit the needed time to support the success of the DAA.

Jan 29

Allaedin EzzedinWe are happy to announce that E-Nor has been nominated for the 2014 Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Awards for Excellence in not one, but TWO categories! The DAA is a global thought-leader within the analytics industry that strives to help organizations facing the challenges of data-acquisition and application. We’ve been a proud corporate member of the association for many years and have benefited greatly from their partnership, so it’s a great honor to be nominated.

Industry Rising Star Nomination

Our manager of Digital Analytics, Allaedin Ezzedin, has been nominated for the individual category of Digital Analytics Rising Star. Described as a “hero” of analytics, Allaedin is a senior digital marketing consultant and a Certified Web Analyst with more than 7 years of experience under his belt. He is a “powerhouse” when it comes to attacking data challenges, where each carefully planned solution he creates meticulously and comprehensively covers all angles of the issue. Allaedin very involved in the industry, writing several popular articles/blog posts, several creative ebooks, even founding the company CampaignAlyzer (an online tool for campaign tagging).

Most Influential Agency Nomination

The second nomination is in the group category of Most Influential Agency for E-Nor, Inc. A great and heartfelt thank you to all the customers, community and team members. Our teams collective consulting expertise has allowed recognized brands, from Fortune 25 to start ups, to become more data-driven. We have delivered strategies, implementations, consulting and training to help companies leverage their data for making insightful marketing decisions over the years. We’ve also contributed to the industry with blog posts and articles, providing the latest strategies and developments in the art and the science of digital analytics.

How to Vote

There actually is no external link or place on the website to vote. As a DAA member, you should have received an email with your personal link to the online voting, so check your inbox! Click or copy that unique voting link into your browser.

We are very pleased that our hard work and devotion has allowed us to reach thus far. If you are a DAA Member, please vote for us!
Update: Allaedin Ezzedin is a finalist! Contrats Allaedin!

May 09

Feras Alhlou portrait thumbnail
Feras Alhlou Digital Analytics Assoication 2013 Board NomineeWe’re excited to announce Feras Alhlou has been nominated for a seat on the 2013 Digital Analytics Association Board.  The DAA is a non-profit, volunteer-powered organization consisting of big names in the analytics industry that, among other things, aims to unite and educate individuals who have a passion and aptitude for digital analytics.  

If you’re a member of the DAA, and believe in Feras’s vision for the organization, vote for him! When asked by the DAA Election Committee where he would like to see the organization in two years, his response was:

“Looking ahead, I envision DAA as a leading organization in the broader analytics space. I would like to see membership go beyond web analytics to also include a larger spectrum of marketers and business analysts. As the industry tends to grow, so too should DAA, to embrace those who utilize various digital aspects in their day-to-day responsibilities.

“DAA should be seen as an educational resource throughout the communities in which the organization is established. By reaching out to existing businesses, colleges and universities, DAA can be seen as the go-­? to organization for digital know-how. And in turn, grow and gain membership.”


Feras is the Principal Consultant of E-Nor, Inc. which he co-founded in 2003. He is passionate about improving his client’s ROI and has led his organization to implement and launch successful digital marketing and analytics strategies for E-Nor’s diversified client base. Under his leadership, E-Nor has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations within the educational, government, retail, B2B, High-tech and non-profit sectors. The company has achieved qualifications as a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller, Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Google AdWords Certified Partner, Google Urchin Software Certified Partner and Google Website Optimizer Certified Partner.

Feras has an extensive background in digital marketing consulting, search marketing, web analytics, mobile and marketing optimization. He has traveled the globe educating businesses and marketing consultants on the subjects of search marketing, online marketing and digital analytics. He is a member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), co-chair of the San Francisco Bay Area DAA chapter, and serves on the DAA Examination Sub-Committee.

Feras is a blogger and writer, and has been published in WebProNews, Wall Street Journal/Smart Money, Web Marketing Today, Independent Retailer and the official Google Analytics blog, among others. He is also a speaker at various marketing and analytics industry conferences throughout the world.

Prior to E-Nor, Feras was the Vice President of Professional Services and Consulting for Syndeo Corporation, a telecom application provider. Feras received a Masters of Engineering Management from the University of South Florida and a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tulsa. Feras is married and has three children and enjoys volunteering, reading, skiing and Aikido.

Some Funny Campaign Material! Help us by sharing!

on his way to deliver a Digital Marketing & Analytics workshop in Qatar, we took the liberty of coming up with these funny campaigns posters. Everything in them are 100% true and accurate and have not been embellished or edited in any way ;)


Feras Alhlou Romney Slogan

Feras Obama Family Parody Image

Feras Romney Portrait Parody

Feras Bush Baby Crying Parody

Aug 30

Normally a new chapter of an organization takes some time (years in some cases) to catch up and be able to compete with other established chapters within the organization. Nevertheless, there is an exception to this rule and that’s if the new chapter was established in the Bay Area — you would have to expect the best no matter how big or small the event is and no matter where the bar was set by the other sister chapters.

Yesterday, the digital marketing and digital analytics industry experienced a state-of-the-art symposium organized by local DAA members (forming the soon to be the official DAA San Francisco chapter). The symposium was titled “What’s Next? – The Future of Digital Analytics” and was attended by almost 200 professionals who had the opportunity to listen and engage with 18 top-industry leaders.

For those of you who missed it, here are some highlights of the event:


<Session 1> Localization, Social Media & Mobile </Session 1>


My favorite presentation was by Jarah Euston of Flurry who delivered an awesome talk about the use of mobile apps in our daily life and how marketers through mobile devices can deeply understand their consumer’s behavior.

<Session 2> Big Data </Session 2>


The 7 Myths of Big Data:

<Session 3> Career Development in Digital Analytics </Session 3>


…and before we leave we have to take an E-Nor group picture :)

Thank you!

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the planning team and the DAA staff for the efforts they put into planning the event. While I might not be aware of the amount of time they spent to make this event a successful one, every attendee (including myself) can tell from the end result that a lot of sacrifice was put forth to make this happen.

Planning Team:

  • Charles Davis, Blast Advanced Media
  • June Dershewitz, Apollo Group
  • Auria Moore, Ensighten
  • David Rogers, ConvertClick
  • Krista Seiden, Apollo Group
  • Feras Alhlou, E-Nor


Aug 24

Digital Analytics Association Logo

Are you interested in the future of digital analytics? So are we! That’s why E-Nor is excited to be participating in the upcoming Digital Analytics Association (DAA) 2012 Symposium in San Francisco. The event takes place Wednesday, August 29th at the Mission Bay Conference Center, and is focused on What’s Next – The Future of Digital Analytics.

This in-depth, half-day symposium features industry leaders on topics such as Localization, Social Media and Mobile, Big Data, and Career Development. Learn about what’s working now in digital analytics and what’s to come. Explore how organizations are overcoming the challenges of today to better the future of digital analytics tomorrow.

Our fearless leader, Feras Alhlou ;) will share his thoughts on the topic of Finding and Developing Talent. He is sharing practical tips on how to nurture your future analytics rock stars. Feras will be rounding out the symposium with other industry leaders who are presenting in the Career Development track. Following these informational presenters and a panel discussion, the event will close with a networking reception and sponsor showcase.

We’re certain this symposium will provide relevant and practical insights along with the opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals on hot topics in the digital analytics world. Registration is still open for this affordable, local event. But don’t delay! The DAA’s What’s Next – The Future of Digital Analytics Symposium is just days away!

And last but not least, we want to extend a BIG thank you to the local DAA volunteers and the DAA staff for planning this event, and to all the sponsors for their support and commitment.