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Dec 09

For a many years now, E-Nor has witnessed and documented the dominance of Google Analytics in the Fortune 500. Also, as the digital consulting agency for many United States government entities, we’ve noticed our government take steps towards digital measurement relying on Google Analytics as their tool of choice.

We wondered how the rest of the world is doing! With E-Nor’s global footprint, we’ve seen a significant adoption of Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium in regions throughout the world, such as the Middle East and Europe.

Here are our findings:


References (we excluded the US in the spreadsheet since we covered that in the previous post).

More to come on Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Oct 29

Fortune 500 Google Analytics Adoption Rate in 2014

See last year’s (2013) Fortune 500 Adoption.

Google Analytics – Still the One

It’s that time of the year. We’re taking a look at Analytics use among the Fortune 500. Once again, all you see is orange. Google Analytics is the leader – a whopping 67% of the Fortune 500 websites are using GA and/or a combination of GA and other web analytics tools.

Key Highlights:

  • Orange is still the new black. In 2014, 6% increase in the use of GA from 2013.
  • Not a bad year for Adobe. 3.9% growth in the use of Adobe Analytics (Omniture/SiteCatalyst) with a 26.4% usage among the Fortune 500.
  • 14.9% decline in the use of Webtrends from the past year and 12.6% usage this year. :(
  • Finally, we see a 42.9% decline in the use of IBM/Coremetrics and a total of 4% usage this year. :( :(

Note: The percentages do not represent that the tools were adopted in 2014. They could have been adopted prior to 2014 or during. Also, the other category includes Yahoo Analytics, Piwik, AT Internet and Chartbeat).

Expect the use of Google Analytics in the enterprise to increase following the increased adoption of Google Analytics Premium across many verticals and the emergence of Google-sized enhancements such as Enhanced eCommerce, Data Import, BigQuery Integration, enhanced Mobile Analytics, and DoubleClick integration, among many others!

Oct 21

63% of Fortune 500 Use Google Analytics

Two years ago, Google announced Google Analytics Premium to solidify their presence in the enterprise market for Analytics. Today, Google Analytics Premium is the leading analytics solution for highly trafficked sites as well as large-scale government-wide initiatives.

Google Analytics Premium offers more horsepower, dedicated support, and groundbreaking solutions to meet enterprise analytics needs. As business data needs grow, Google Analytics has proven it can rise to meet any demand.

But don’t just take our word for it! While we can’t disclose the number of Google Analytics Premium clients, the benchmark data speaks for itself – Fortune 500 are increasingly adopting and finding success with Google Analytics.

Usage in Fortune 500 on the Rise

63% of Fortune 500 websites now use Google Analytics. This percentage was calculated by examining the main website of each of the Fortune 500 corporations. In 2011, usage of Google Analytics among the Fortune 500 was 45%. In 2012, usage of Google Analytics had increased up to a 51% market share. This year, the trend has increased significantly, with 61 new enterprises having adopted Google Analytics or Google Analytics Premium.


Not Slowing Down

The above image illustrates that Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium are clearly resonating within the Fortune 500. The below chart shows a 24% increase in 2013 compared to 2012, which represents a huge increase in market share.


Like I did in 2012, I attribute this to the aggressive improvements Google has been making over the past 12 months (70+ enhancements to be more precise). We have seen Universal Analytics, a new interface, Enhanced Attribution Modeling, Visitor Segmentation and an integration with Doubleclick just to name a few updates. At the Google Analytics Partners summit Google announced a significant number of Enterprise features that will be coming out (14 announcements in one day!), so I expect this trend to continue into 2014. Data integration and access is a core need of the Enterprise market. Google is clearly taking these needs seriously, as is shown by Google announcement of their Cloud Platform and the availability and integration of Google Analytics Premium hit-level data into BigQuery.

Method: Data collected using Ghostery and analyzing the main website for each Fortune 500 company. Numbers in the bar chart add up to over 100%, due to some companies deploying multiple Analytics Tools.

Last years post:

Jul 09

Updated: Google Analytics Solidifies Lead in Fortune 500 Adoption in 2013

Last year Google Analytics announced Google Analytics Premium, so that enterprises could derive benefit from dedicated support, more horsepower and services they require from an analytics solution. Just last week EConsultancy published a report indicating that 5% of Google Analytics users they surveyed were using Google Analytics Premium.  Many people wonder, who is using Google Analytics Premium? While there isn’t a published list, a good indicator of Google Analytics Premium’s success, could be gleaned from looking at the adoption of analytics platforms by Fortune 500 companies in relation to Google Analytics market share.

In October of 2011, our friend Stéphane Hamel wrote a blog post announcing that Google Analytics was installed on 45% of Fortune 500 websites. Another post by TechCrunch highlighted that Google Analytics is used by more than 55% of the top 10,000 websites. Both of these confirm that Google Analytics is the dominant measurement platform used across the web.

Usage in Fortune 500

I collected data over the past few months and have documented which Analytics tools each of the Fortune 500 corporations are using on their main website. Google Analytics is now in use on 51% of Fortune 500 websites. This is an increase from previously reported data showing a 45% market share.  More than half of Fortune 500 companies are now using Google Analytics or Google Analytics Premium and 30 new enterprises have switched to or added Google Analytics in the past 9 months.


Google Analytics is most used Fortune 500 Analytics Tool

Not Slowing Down

The above images illustrate that Google Analytics is on the rise within Fortune 500 Enterprise.  I attribute this to the aggressive improvements Google has been making over the past 12 months.  We have seen Real-Time Reports, Multi-Channel Funnel, Google Analytics Premium, Content Experiments, Attribution Modeling, and Social Reports just to name a few.  Google Analytics is showing continued signs of growth with a brand new Mobile SDK and completely new Mobile Reports coming later this summer.  This is all likely to lead to expanded adoption of Google Analytics Premium, due to the ever increasing sources of data, or Big Data I should say, and the ever increasing need for smart people to transform the data into actionable insights.

Method: Data collected using Ghostery and analyzing the main website for each Fortune 500 company.  Numbers in the bar chart add up to over 100%, due to some companies deploying 2 or 3 Analytics Tools.