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Oct 30

Eric Fettman, E-Nor’s Analytics Trainer and Coach, recently completed instructing Digital Analytics at New York University’s School of Professional Studies. The course, which met once weekly for four weeks, was designed to provide a conceptual foundation for data-driven decision making and to teach specific skills within Google Analytics and supporting tools. As a final assignment, participants submitted development plans that outlined real-world optimization opportunities and performance targets.

“The course was designed to focus on analytics for conversion optimization,” Eric shared. “It was very interesting to learn about the different paths that led the participants to analytics and to see the many thoughtful and practical ways that they incorporated their new skills into their development plans. I’m confident that they’ll now be in a stronger position to use quantitative analysis, and also qualitative inputs, for driving and measuring improvement.”

Eric is looking forward to his next Digital Analytics class at NYU, scheduled for Oct. 31-Nov. 2, and hopes to conduct additional classes in upcoming semesters.

E-Nor is committed to eduction and professional development. E-Nor’s principal partner Bilal Saleh serves on the industry advisory board of St. Leo University. In addition, E-Nor has supported the measurement and optimization needs and advised some of the most recognized educational institutions including Harvard, MIT and Stanford as well as leading organizations such as ProQuest and Pearson.

Nov 18

A Commitment to Your Long-Term Success

If you search for “google analytics training course” on the Internet, you’ll find many options to choose from.  So why did we launch our Google Analytics Training Courses? What’s different about our program? How do we stand out?

1. “Office hours”.
For a minimum of six months after the training dates, participants will be able to speak directly with the instructor during scheduled “Office Hours” at least several times monthly, in an online session or open conference call, to review any aspect of their analytics, marketing, or development work.

Eric Fettman Google Analytics Training

2. Interactive, hands-on classroom sessions.
Participants will work in a live Google Analytics account (which we will provide if you don’t already have access to one), and there will be exercises, short quizzes, and active participation throughout the training sessions to reinforce the lessons.

3. A big-picture, real-world approach.
We’ll cover all the nuts and bolts of implementation, configuration, and reporting, and we’ll remain focused on real-world business needs, technical requirements, and ROI. We’ll also study important related topics such as A/B testing, usability testing, and the intersection of analytics and search engine optimization – all to build your conversion optimization skill set.

4. Optional three-month development plan and final test.
If you complete all three days of the main training track, you can optionally submit a personal, three-month analytics development plan (up to two weeks after training) for review by your instructor and take a final exam (up to one month after training) to validate your learning. After three months, you and your instructor can evaluate your progress and discuss next steps.

Register for our Google Analytics Training Course.


Here’s what some of our graduates have to say:

Eric Fettman is a rock star GA guy! He has made understanding analytics very easy. He has instilled confidence in every student to take on creating custom reports, dashboards, safely create filters, use Google Tag Manager and master the E-Commerce functionality of Google Analytics, yay!…Bottom line: Get your butt over to E-Nor’s site and see when and if Google Analytics training is coming soon to a location near you. -Nancy Wigal, Search Engine AcademyRead More

Eric Fettman, Google Analytics University instructor and coach, offers his perspective:

“The whole point of Web analytics is to make a measurable, bottom-line difference through action. Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but it’s used mostly for passive reporting that doesn’t really drive improvement. This course is designed to provide a practical and comprehensive foundation for meaningfully improving visitor satisfaction and steadily increasing purchases, lead generation, or whichever key performance indicators you have identified for your website. It’s important to me that every participant go back to work eager and fully able to use Google Analytics in a way that makes a real impact. And I’ll be there to support them long after the classroom training – that’s just the beginning.”

Our Training vs Analytics Academy

If you’re just starting out with Google Analytics, definitely check out the Analytics Academy, they provide some good foundational skills. But here are some things that separate our trainings:

  • E-Nor’s course provides a uniquely focused immersive, interactive, and supportive learning experience.
  • Previous participants have greatly enjoyed the exercises and quizzes that we complete together throughout the training.
  • We help you formulate your own strategy for analytics and conversion optimization, and provide countless practical, actionable tips that you can apply immediately.
  • We alert you to specific pitfalls to avoid and explore GA features that are critical but hidden or hard to understand.
  • We make the technical topics understandable even if you’re not approaching analytics from a technical background.
  • We review Content Experiments step by step so you can set up your own A/B test within GA.
  • We go beyond analytics to explore usability testing, as well as web optimization as part of a broader framework for customer focus and quality management.
  • You have many opportunities for one-on-one discussions with your instructor during breaks and particularly during the designated Q&A session that concludes each day of training.
  • If you participate in the three days of the main training track, you can work on a personalized 3-month development plan with your instructor and take advantage of coaching support for a minimum of six months after the training. Our objective is for you to apply the classroom lessons so you can drive your analytics and optimization program in a practical and measurable way, and we’re there to support you in your effort even after the formal training ends.
  • We provide breakfast, lunch and refreshments. :)

Training Locations

Looking for a training in your area? Here’s a list of cities were visiting:
San Francisco, CA
Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Washington, DC
Miami, FL
New York, NY
More Cities

Interested? Click the button to register.

Sep 05

google-analytics-speakerThis time of the year always brings change. The air is a bit more crisp, the days get shorter and students head back to school. And even though most of those going back to school are children and college-age adults, there are also those that will hit the books for training and learning the latest and greatest in their fields. Come next week, the 6th annual Tableau Customer Conference does just that, and E-Nor is going to be there heading up a training session that showcases a Tableau case study.

Speaking in September

The industry leader in data visualization, Tableau, is having the Tableau Customer Conference from September 8-12, 2013 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington D.C. Come meet Feras Alhlou, talk with him about E-Nor’s experience with Tableau and learn from his session, How Well Do You Know Your Cohorts? This case study examines both the challenges and solutions of understanding user behavior and cohort analysis across multiple platforms (pretty cutting edge stuff!). Feras will speak on the Tableau Google Analytics connector, which puts powerful GA data at your fingertips. In this session Feras also touches on the Cross-Platform Challenge and a more efficient approach to analysis and optimization when utilizing Tableau.

At the end of the month, Feras is off to the East coast for eMetrics Boston Summit, which takes place September 29-October 3, 2013 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA. This is yet another opportunity to meet Feras and explore how to Establish an Analytics Framework and a Data-Driven Culture. Here, attendees gain knowledge on the importance of both a framework and data-driven environment when it comes to the ever changing world of analytics. A Fortune 500 company is showcased, as Feras shares how organizations can embrace the culture and accomplish needed business goals and objectives.

The Latest & Greatest in Google Analytics

Following eMetrics, the staff at E-Nor will do some training of our own at the upcoming Google Analytics Summit 2013. Here, we’ll connect with Googlers in Mountain View to learn about what’s new in digital marketing and measurement, give feedback on existing Google Analytics products, as well as get the skinny on new product releases (and plenty more that’s going on in the world of GA – yippie!!). We’re excited to learn more about the future of analytics and see what Google Analytics is doing in terms of new ways of looking at data that will ultimately help us help our clients.

Training for You, Too

For those of you anxious to get out there and get your brain moving with the changing of the seasons, we’ve got YOU covered too! E-Nor recently launched Google Analytics Training Courses this Fall, which offers hands-on training and personal coaching of Google Analytics. Our results-focused training courses are available as a one-day introductory session, or multi-day mastery training. In addition, all participants continue to get on-going analytics support and personal development through direct coaching even after the course is complete! Instructor Eric Fettman holds a B.A with High Honors from Harvard University, is the founder of and has over 20 years experience in the indsutry, so you’re learning from the best! :)

Starting next month, we kick off our Fall courses in the following cities:

Washington, DC
October 22-25, 2013

Additional courses are planned for New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami. All details are available on our Google Analytics Training Course website.

So as we’re out and about in the next coming months, we hope to both see you, and share with you, what’s new in the world of analytics. And as always, if we’re not out in your neck of the woods don’t panic — we’re just a click away!

Aug 22

Want a Better Understanding of Google Analytics? Go Back to School! E-Nor Launches Google Analytics Training Course, Featuring Industry Veteran Eric Fettman as Instructor and Coach

Eric Fettman - Google Analytics Training Course InstructorHere at E-Nor, we’re always looking for ways to help others understand the importance of analytics, as well as the inner workings behind that and digital data. Over the past 10+ years, thousands of marketing professionals around the globe, consultants and business owners have attended our analytics and digital training courses. As we launch our newest form of analytics training, we look to focus more on the one-on-one aspect of teaching. And with this new program, we went right to the best in the business for someone who can teach, coach and guide our students. We’re excited to announce that Eric Fettman has joined the E-Nor team, to focus solely on the development and direction of Google Analytics Training Course.

Course instructor Eric Fettman is a Harvard graduate and founder of, and has more than 20 years experience in classroom and online training, as well as information design, website and application development, search engine and marketing optimization and web analytics. He has developed a Web content management system, online bookstore, e-learning platform, and multi-media training programs. Eric is currently a Google Analytics resource editor at iPassExam and develops content for a number of industry websites.

Ongoing Coaching

Eric Fettman Google Analytics Training ShotOne aspect that makes Google Analytics University unique from other training programs out there is ongoing support after the course is complete. Class participants are able to speak directly with Eric following the course during scheduled “Office Hours” through online sessions and open conference calls, during which they can discuss any aspect of their analytics work.

Three-month Google Analytics Development Plan and Beyond

Eric’s teaching philosophy goes beyond the classroom to include a three-month Google Analytics development plan that participants in the three-day main training track can work on with Eric.

Hands-on Training with a Real-World Focus

E-Nor’s Google Analytics Training Course is a unique training avenue designed to be hands-on, comprehensive and always with a real-world focus on business and technology leveraging data for bottom-line improvement. The training program is designed to provide the technical know-how for Google Analytics implementation and reporting, and additional skills and insights that you’ll need to create better experiences for your end users and to generate greater overall value for your organization.

Our Google Analytics Training Course offers single-day or multiple-day courses that teach the skills that drive measurable improvement and maximize website value, while giving students the foundation for successful digital optimization and the competitive advantage to make data-driven decisions. Check out the full curriculum for an overview of courses offered. Through the end of 2013, training is scheduled in Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, and Miami. Training is also available on-site at your location.

Want to know more? Give us a call at (866) 638-7367 or visit We’d love to answer any of your questions and talk with you more about this exciting new program. Or, if you’re ready, Sign up today for E-Nor’s Google Analytics training program that will give you the understanding and know-how to make your organization more data driven.

Jun 14

How smart are you when it comes to Google Analytics? Okay, let’s put that to the test! Literally.

So in no way is this an “official” IQ test for Google Analytics. But according to the developers of the Google Analytics Test site, with more than 5,000 tests completed since last year’s launch, it’s gaining recognition as a great resource for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Test. This is just one online source for testing your knowledge of Google Analytics. There are others out there, but let me tell you why I recommend this one.

So You Think You’re a Google Analytics Expert?

The Google Analytics Test is based on the new version of Google Analytics (v5). The program allows you to choose from a variety of subject areas including Custom Reports and In-Page Analytics, to Traffic Sources and Campaigns. In addition, there are related subjects such as Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords and Regular Expressions. There are 28 categories in all that allow you to challenge yourself. After choosing the specific categories, you then determine how many questions you would like to take within that test. The program automatically shows you how many questions are available, and you choose from there. Within the program there are 200 multiple-choice and true-and-false questions to evaluate your knowledge. Questions developed for the program are based on real-world scenarios. So you’re answering questions that truly do arise.

Customized Testing, Immediate Results

What’s nice about the Google Analytics Test, is that while choosing the tests, you don’t have to answer all questions available. Users have an unlimited number of tests they can take. Plus, you don’t have to take the entire test all in one sitting. Users can stop and come back at a later time. Tests are not timed, so there is no limit to how long you spend in a test session. Another benefit includes having the ability to go back and change any existing answers, or answer any questions that may have been passed over the first time.

Once you are finished with the test, you can see the results immediately. Users are given the overall score and shown a recap of the test question again. To see why a question was answered incorrectly, simply click on the question and you’re directed to the page with a thorough answer explanation, along with carefully annotated screenshots of that scenario. Users also have the ability to comment on the question.

The Google Analytics Test offers the testing program to users who want to explore the site with or without logging in. It also has the ability to create a profile with a personal page, so you can either review or retake tests previously taken. You can save test results for future reference, and as stated previously, you can take the test an unlimited number of times. Users who have completed at least one test can add questions to the testing program, and those who choose to log in before taking tests are able to see their test results via email.

Jump on the Bandwagon

This site is intended for intermediate to advanced users, but can also be useful as a framework to beginners. Those who have been deeply involved in Google Analytics for many years can use this program to challenge their knowledge. While those just learning the ins-and-outs of it can use this resource to learn even more.

According to Eric Fettman, Google Analytics Test Developer, the number of people taking advantage of this learning tool, is quickly growing.

“People have begun to take advantage of for practical Google Analytics lessons in general and for GAIQ preparation specifically. The feedback has been very positive, and almost 5,500 tests have been completed so far! I am grateful for the challenging questions and very perceptive comments that participants have posted, and I hope that the site continues to grow as a forum that helps to support the evolving Google Analytics community.”

As a member of the content development committee, I have been able to see the site form and evolve, and am excited to see the number of users growing each week. It has been a great experience being involved in the development of the Google Analytics Test, and working alongside some very knowledgeable committee members. I think this site is an exceptional tool for anyone looking to learn more about Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics Test is unique in that it offers social features such as commenting, posting and the ability for adding questions. The category selections within the test also make for a useful tool that cannot be found in other testing sites. As popularity of the site continues to grow, the more positive response it seems to get. According to one user, it’s very similar to an actual Google exam, while others boast about coming back again and again to utilize this great tool and sharing it with others.


So whether you want to learn more about Google Analytics, are interested in preparing for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Test, or just just looking for a great resource, check out the Google Analytics Test. It’s free, it’s fun and it will show you how smart you really are… well, in the Google Analytics world that is! ;)

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Google Analytics In-House Training

Sep 23

A BIG thank you for all who attended the Google Analytics training day in Las Vegas. I know it was an information packed day but your questions, comments, and the “on-the-fly” analysis requests made a huge difference, and I truly appreciate your participation and engagement.

Here are the links to the topics and posts you requested; feel free to contact or email if you have any other questions or comments.

Two other notes:

  • You should have received the slide deck by now
  • The follow up Q&A online webinar is scheduled for Friday 9/30 at 8 AM pacific. You should receive an invitation early next week so mark your calendar!

In preparation for the Q&A webinar, please add your questions and/or comments here and we will get those answered ahead of time or review them during the webinar.

Thanks again and happy analysis!! :)

Dec 03

Looking to optimize your marketing and not sure where to start? Really want to leverage the power of data? Not sure how to use Google Analytics? Need to have more confidence in your Google Analytics data? If so, sign up for the Google Analytics Workshop @ SMX Marketing Expo West on Friday March 11th 2011 in San Jose.

Use this promo code smx100feras and save $100!

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing Managers
  • Business owners
  • CMOs
  • Webmasters
  • Agency staff


If you are struggling to go beyond basic web metrics of visitors and pageviews and want to move into actionable insights, this seminar will put you on the right track. You will learn how to improve your return on investment (ROI) on marketing campaigns and utilize analytics insights to optimize performance.

What will you learn about Google Analytics?

The two-part seminar will focus on:

Marketer/Business Focus – Strategy & Planning

  • Web Analytics Strategy
  • How It Works
  • Master the User Interface
  • Advanced Features Overview

Webmaster/Technical Focus – Implementation

  • Accounts & Profiles, Filters & Goals
  • External Campaign Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Advanced Segmentation & Custom Reports

We will have ample time for Q&A and I’ll be hanging around for additional hands-on analytics review and advanced analytics questions.

Again, the seminar is in San Jose, CA on Friday March 11th, 2011. Register today and invest in learning!

I look forward to seeing you at SMX West San Jose and don’t forget to use this promo code smx100feras and save $100!

If you are still not convinced, maybe the following testimonials will persuade you :)

“E-Nor’s Google Analytics seminar provided me with the insight I need to provide our clients with actionable metrics” R.B., Managing Director

“I think you did a really good job presenting to an audience that had a wide range of Google Analytics experience. Glad I stayed the extra day to attend” C.S., Marketing Manager

“Feras clearly knows the intricacies of Google Analytics thoroughly. If our clients need advanced Google Analytics help, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Feras and the group at E-Nor.” R.L. Principal Consultant

“Very pleased with the Google Analytics workshop at SMX East in NYC. Feras was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of GA. Highly recommend this course to all Google Analytics users”, M.W., Marketing Manager

Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions or comments.

Sep 29

October is a busy training month for us and we love it!

If you are not attending our Google Analytics workshop at SMX NYC, and happen to be in or around Chicago, you don’t want to miss our upcoming half-day seminar at Search Engines Strategies (SES) Chicago at the Hilton Chicago on Friday October 22, 2010 from 1-5pm, buy your seminar pass today at $845!

There are a number of search marketing workshops taking place on the 22nd, so check out any of the morning sessions, and more importantly (we’re not biased :) ), make sure to attend E-Nor’s session in the afternoon. Mark your calendar and register today.

So why should you attend?

Sure, you want to spend your training budget, add something to your resume and just really want to meet in person :) (and these are all valid reasons) but what else can SES Chicago do for you? Well, if you are struggling to go beyond basic web metrics of visitors and pageviews and want to move into actionable insights, this seminar will put you on the right track. You will learn how to improve your return on investment (ROI) on marketing campaigns and utilize analytics insights to optimize performance.

What will you learn about Google Analytics in a 1/2 day?

Marketer/Business Focus – Strategy & Planning

  • Understand the user interface & clever stuff you can do with Google Analytics
  • Campaign Tracking – measure performance of search, email, banner campaigns

Webmaster/Technical Focus – Implementation

  • Accounts & Profiles, Filters & Goals – structure your data properly
  • Advanced Segmentation & Custom Reports – powerful ways to find insights

Who Should Attend?

  • Business, marketing and technical management and staff
  • Webmasters
  • Business owners
  • CMOs

We will have ample time for Q&A and I’ll be hanging around for an additional hour for hands-on analytics review and advanced analytics questions.

Again, the seminar is in Chicago on Friday October 22, 2010 from 1 to 5pm. Register today and invest in learning!

I look forward to seeing you at SES Chicago.