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Dec 19

Urchin 6.5 was just released and we recommend you upgrade to take advantage of these new features:

  • The best new feature: a Pay-per-Click (PPC) data manager lets you create PPC sources that automatically import cost data from Google Adwords.
    • These PPC sources can then be applied to profiles as easily as you would apply log sources and filters!
    • Currently, this feature does not work with the autotagging feature of Google Adwords.
  • Urchin has been updated to show Chrome as a browser and Android as an operating system.
  • The installer has been improved to make for a more seamless installation or upgrade.
  • The Urchin configuration management utility has had its functionality extended.
  • The geo database has been updated to December 2008 data.
  • Some localization issues have been fixed.
  • Urchin help topics (both internal to the application and in the online Urchin Help Center) have been updated.

Feel free to contact us for all your Urchin consulting needs.
You can also download Urchin from our Urchin software page.

Sep 08

Yes, Google Chrome has made it to Google Analytics reports! If you are checking out your browser report, under the Visitor reports tab, you will notice the new comer has arrived.

Check out this snapshot below. This is for a period of a couple of days right after the release of Google Chrome! It is quite impressive to see Chrome picking up steam so quickly!

So what is actionable out this new data? If you are seeing a significant amount of visitors using Google Chrome, you might want to check with your webmaster and do some browser-compatibility testing. This recent post by folks at Google Webmaster Central becomes very handy (and timely :) ).

That is for now, I need to catch up on IE8 and other blog reading that I am behind on. And of course, some work around the house since it is the weekend (before I get in trouble at home!! :)