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Mar 27

Today is the second last day to buy Urchin Software.  Google will stop issuing licenses tomorrow, Wednesday March 28, 2012, at noon PST.

Reasons to buy Urchin 7:

  • Great complement to Google Analytics and other web analytics tools.
  • Loved by IT teams for its easy configuration and by marketers for its useful reports.
  • Works with intranets and sites that cannot send visitor data outside the company.
  • Allows for tracking of individual visitors.
  • With the ability to export data by CSV, you can combine visitor data from Urchin with other tools like Salesforce and ecommerce systems to look at the big picture.
  • Scales well with computer system power.

We will continue to support our Urchin clients with training, reporting, and analysis. If you have a previous version of Urchin, you can upgrade to Urchin 7 with credit for any amount you have already paid.

If you have any questions, now is the time to ask.  Send us a message or give us a call at (866) 638-7367. Get your copy of Urchin software before time runs out!

Sep 09

Advanced Segments from Google
A few months back a colleague of mine called Multiple Custom Variables "Google’s Gift to Humanity."  I disagree.  He had good intentions, like he usually does, but in this case he was terribly misguided.  Multiple Custom Variables are significant and a dream come true to some, but the real gift to humanity, and there isn’t even any competition here, is Advanced Segments.  I can’t remember a day going by where I haven’t used this phenomenal feature in Google Analytics.  Now, the feature is finally available in Urchin 7!

What can I do with Advanced Segments in Urchin 7?

  • Identify & analyze the visitor groups who are truly valuable to your business
  • Allows you to filter reporting data similar to using GA Advanced Segmentation. The feature is accessible on the Urchin 7 Reporting UI from the toolbar.
  • Each advanced segment is a combination of filters joined by an "AND" condition. Metrics support numeric comparison operators "equals to", "less than", "less than or equal to", "greater than" and "greater than or equal to".


How do I use Advanced Segments in Urchin 7?

Easy :)   the interface is similar to Google Analytics.  The screen capture below shows the new Advanced Segments dropdown.  Click on this dropdown to enter the wonderful world of Advanced Segmentation awesomeness.

In the screen capture below, the user is presented with an option to manage their advanced segments, or view from a list of default segments.


How do I create a new Advanced Segment in Urchin 7?

Let’s build a really simple segment that will let us analyze traffic originating from Google.

NOTE:  in building a segment, I strongly recommend giving the segment a meaningful name.  This will help you and others that may be using the tool clearly know what the segment contains.  Don’t use names like "My Segment" or "Segment 1" or "test".  A meaningful name for the example above would be "Traffic Source=Google" or "Traffic from Google" or something to that effect.
1) To create and configure a new segment, click the "Create new custom segment" button on the Manage Urchin Visit Segments page.

2)  Below is the segment definition screen:

3)  Once done, apply the segment to all profiles

4)  Now let’s view the New vs. Returning report for our segment!


What are some practical use cases of Advanced Segments:

1)  Create a true organic segment where branded traffic is filtered out.
2)  Create a segment to analyze visitors by referrer or traffic source (like our example above)
3)  Segment by geographic location (country, city, etc)
4)  Segment by Content viewed (Landing page or Page)
5)  Segment by Goals (allowing you to see the behavior of users who converted vs those who didn’t)
6)  Segment by Technology metrics (browser type, screen resolution, etc)
All the above will help in your data analysis.  These are just a few simple ideas.  Pleases share any cool segments that have assisted you in your analysis!

Try out Urchin 7 today.

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Aug 31

Urchin 7 is finally here and ready for your web analysis needs!  Keep reading for details, contact us for more information, and click here to buy Urchin 7.


  • New reporting UI
  • Report permalinks
  • Advanced segments
  • Event tracking
  • Report tabs to provide more information in context
  • Updated segmentation menu and options
  • Customizable geolocation settings
  • Custom filter ordering
  • Native 64-bit support
  • Faster data processing speeds
  • Multiple schedulers for concurrent profile processing
  • Urchin API
  • Automatic updates
  • Embedded help center
  • Improved lookup tables
  • New site summary report
  • And more!

That’s an impressive list of features and more will come with time!

Works with Google Analytics

Urchin 7 receives some of the best features you have been using in Google Analytics, such as the polished interface, event tracking, and advanced segments.

In addition, you can easily use both Google Analytics and Urchin 7 at the same time to leverage the power of both tools to truly become a data-driven organization!


The price for Urchin 7 is $9995.

Any amount paid for Urchin 6 can be deducted from the price of Urchin 7 – Google’s way of making sure your Urchin 6 investment continues to pay off!

For more information about Urchin 7 or any web analytics needs, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

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Aug 18

As we anxiously wait for Urchin 7 to be released, a small update for Urchin 6 has come out in the form of Urchin 6.603.

Here are the top changes for this release:

  • Limit on a total number of log sources in Urchin (65000) was removed.
  • Yahoo CPC sources are disabled in Urchin 6.603.
  • Switch to AdWords API v.2009.
  • Some specific issues related to AdWords account structure download were fixed.

Check out our Urchin page for a download link.

Dec 21

This release adds support for all 11 of the officially supported languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), and Korean.

No other changes were made but it is cool that Urchin can be used in so many countries in their native language!

You can download multilingual Urchin 6.602 from our Urchin Analytics page.  If you have any questions on Urchin, feel free to contact us via this blog, the form on the right, or our toll free number 1-866-638-7367.

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Oct 22

Google has just released version 6.602 of their Urchin Software product. Version 6.602 contains one major new feature, along with several small improvements and bug fixes. The major new feature in this version is multi-language capability. Now our friends from Germany, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and other regions can have localized instances of Urchin. Very cool :)

Here is a quick overview of the features included in this release:

  • Switch between supported languages (total of 10)
  • Added SSL/TLS protocol support to External Authentication (LDAP)
  • The Urchin “Home” page (sometimes called the Roll-up Report) now displays metrics for all profiles visible to the logged in user. Data can be shown in 3 views: Basic, Business, and Admin.
  • Easier one-click installation: New one-click installation which also sets up the included postgresql database server at the same time! This reduces much of the setup time, since the database server no longer has to be setup and configured. The user can still opt to use existing database servers if desired.
  • Optimized GeoDB. You can now select between a full GeoDB or a lighweight GeoDB providing metro information up to the country level only. This significantly reduces the memory footprint.
  • The zip utility has been updated to work with data files > 2 Gb.
  • New UI tweaks have been made on the Marketing Summary report so that the user can sort metrics sources, keywords, and campaigns by their appropriate metrics.
  • Remote log file downloading. A new configurable parameter for remote log download timeout has been added to urchin.conf.

In addition, many bug fixes in the areas of log processing, licensing, migration, and embedded help were included in this release.

Important notes:

  • Urchin 6.6xx no longer supports the MySQL 4.x.x. database. If you are using this version of MySQL, you’ll need to upgrade to 5.03+.
  • FreeBSD 5.x platform has been deprecated.

That’s a lot of new stuff for a point release upgrade :)   This new version has currently only been released to Urchin Resellers.  If you would like a trial copy, please contact us, or you can download version (the current version) here.

Jul 27

A new Urchin Software release is out. It is a point release and is called version 6.601. Here is a list of the fixes:

Roll-up Reporting

  • In Urchin 6.600, attempting to log in to an account with a large amount of data often resulted in the following error: Session Error – unable to call default routine. (2002) Please login again.This error occurred due to slow performance in calculating roll-up reports. In Urchin 6.601, the performance of the Urchin roll-up report data extraction has been significantly improved.
  • The default view has been changed from ‘Month’ to ‘Day’. This was done to improve the performance on installations with a large number of data-heavy profiles.
  • The “Completed Goals” calculation logic has been corrected to report the total number of goal conversions. (Previously only one conversion per defined goal was reported, so Completed Goals would only show values from 0 through 4.)

User access to AdWords Tools

  • A new ‘Access to CPC Sources’ setting has been introduced on a per-user basis. By default, only Super Admin has AdWords tools enabled. For all other users, this access must be explicitly granted via this new setting.

Copy Campaign Tool

  • The Copy Campaign Tool has been disabled due to legal issues. It may be reintroduced at a later date.

Support for

  • Support for the new search engine has been added.

Master tracking codes with CPC sources

  • Profile filters are now applied to CPC sources.

Special characters in CPC source passwords

  • Certain special characters were not allowed in CPC source passwords. This has been fixed and certain special characters are now allowed.


  • Regular license re-set and reactivation were required after upgrade to 6.600 on Linux and FreeBSD. This has been fixed and reactivation is no longer required.


  • In certain cases, when migration of the reporting databases from Urchin 5 to Urchin 6 crashed or was interrupted, subsequent attempts to resume failed with “WARNING: (8010-577-1192) Database file is the wrong size – run sanitizer”. This issue has been fixed.

Enable all Regions

  • All regions have been enabled.
  • IMPORTANT: If urchin 6.601 is used to upgrade from the international version (Urchin 6.501 or 6.402), the language settings for all users will be switched to English, while preserving other regional settings.

The geo database has been updated.

Here is a link to download Urchin. If you have any questions on Urchin and you need any technical support for Urchin, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jun 08

Urchin 6.6 has just been rolled out and you will want to get your hands on it right away! Although this is a point release (from 6.5 to 6.6), the Urchin 6.6 feature list is quite impressive. The folks at Google must have been burning the midnight oil to get these many features packed up in this one release. :) Here are the highlights:

  • Deep, deep, deep integration with Google AdWords
  • Data Export API
  • External Authentication (LDAP)
  • Auto CPC cost data import from Yahoo
  • A number of Admin, Log Processing, Security and Utilities bug fixes and enhancements

If the above has piqued your interest, then read more below. :)

Urchin Integration with AdWords

  • Budget Alerts: Notification when AdWords campaign budget is about to expire.
  • Keyword Generation Tool: Addition of the Keyword Generation tool in Urchin, add & delete keywords in your AdWords campaigns.
  • Direct Access to AdWords: Skip the AdWords login process, directly link from Urchin to AdWords after proper set up, save time.
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Import cost data simply from AdWords with this new feature which inserts a dynamic keyword insertion tag {keyword} in ad destination URLs.
  • AdWords Optimizer: Optimize AdWords campaigns in Urchin & those changes are automatically applied in AdWords.
  • Copy Campaign Tool: Copy campaigns from other ad networks into AdWords.

New Urchin Metrics & Reports

  • Performance Comparison: Compare & Analyze campaign performance from all sources & mediums.
  • Time on Site: Dig into customer engagement with visitor time on site information.
  • Campaign & Keyword Views: Reports display paid campaign & keyword data.

Urchin API

  • Export your data from Urchin and run your own application. Protocols supported: SOAP 1.x & REST

Other Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Demo license change. Profiles & log sources now have a limit of 5 each. No other limits have been implemented.

Go to our Urchin sofware page to download the new Urchin files. For additional information about Urchin, contact one of our Urchin experts.

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Dec 19

Urchin 6.5 was just released and we recommend you upgrade to take advantage of these new features:

  • The best new feature: a Pay-per-Click (PPC) data manager lets you create PPC sources that automatically import cost data from Google Adwords.
    • These PPC sources can then be applied to profiles as easily as you would apply log sources and filters!
    • Currently, this feature does not work with the autotagging feature of Google Adwords.
  • Urchin has been updated to show Chrome as a browser and Android as an operating system.
  • The installer has been improved to make for a more seamless installation or upgrade.
  • The Urchin configuration management utility has had its functionality extended.
  • The geo database has been updated to December 2008 data.
  • Some localization issues have been fixed.
  • Urchin help topics (both internal to the application and in the online Urchin Help Center) have been updated.

Feel free to contact us for all your Urchin consulting needs.
You can also download Urchin from our Urchin software page.

Aug 12

In case you run Urchin 6, please take the time to download the latest version, Urchin 6 SP1, which includes new features and numerous bug fixes.

A few of the new features:

  • E-mail yourself reports
  • Log management script
  • A script to uncover processing errors

And a few of the bug fixes:

  • Windows installer fixes, including automatic uninstallation of the old version
  • Character encoding extended to handle all localized characters (UTF8 or otherwise)
  • Now enforces global locale settings (language and region) on new users and profiles