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Jan 21



As marketers, we have an overwhelming ubiquity of data! What do we do with it?!

We still see organizations, the big ones and small ones, using top level aggregates. You wont get any insight unless you segment -slice and dice! Use Tableau and Google Analytics to integrate, contextualize and visualize all your data from the Web, Mobile, eMail and backend. You can really extract valuable insights this way, tell a better story and finally make the tough marketing optimization decisions based on your data!

Dec 23


Happy Holidays to all!

We are happy to share with you some awesome news!

As we celebrate yet another amazing year for E-Nor, we want to let you, our clients, partners, blog readers and our team members, know that it would not have been possible without you.

Check out this end-of-year video by our Principal Consultant, Feras Alhlou, announcing our commitment to give back and help those in need.

We did away with holiday gifts this year and instead chose to make a significant contribution to a number of non-profit organizations. We are humbled to announce that in 2013 E-Nor has donated over 1% of its revenue and over 750 hour of pro-bono work for nonprofits and causes.

Since 2006 we’ve been blogging on all things digital marketing and analytics, and we are more committed to publish and share more.

Thank you again and Happy Holidays from all of us here at E-Nor! We wish you a very prosperous 2014.

Sep 23


You are a marketing manager and your online sales have never been better. Your greedy CEO calls you into the office. “We hit our quota this quarter, but next quarter, we want to blow the numbers out of the water! I need to buy a new yacht!”

How are you going to increase online sales when the numbers are already decent? You’re going to really need to dig deep and find ways to cut the data so you can uncover hidden “gems” of insights allowing you to further optimize.

Too many times we see business owners looking at aggregates. What do we care about most in eCommerce? Dollar Dollar bills. The metrics usually measured are things like “conversion rates” and “number of transactions”. This is important obviously, but you’re potentially missing ways of slicing the data that can show you more money.

For Practical Ecommerce, I wrote an article called “5 Ecommerce Metrics You Should Be Tracking“. I thought it would be cool to make a video series based on this.

Here is the first in our 5 part series:

Here’s Google’s developer topic on segmenting by category: Tracking Code: Ecommerce.