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Aug 29

This tip is for web developers, consultants, and also for webmasters that rely on other entities to provide content for their site. In my experience, getting quality & relevant content for the website you are working on is one of the most challenging tasks in the project cycle.

A friend and a partner of ours, Burns Smith, (who had a previous guest post on this blog), showed me an email he sent to a joint client of ours asking him for updates on content. I thought Burns’ note was very creative, funny, and effective. Check it out below (name of client was removed for privacy purposes):



Let me introduce myself: I am your new website www.domainname.com. However, I am very sad because I am content poor and do not have any pictures of the great products you build. I feel very naked and the other websites on the internet are making fun of me. Can you help me out?

I know articles are being published in two Magazines that will highlight your products. That will undoubtedly cause people to come view me. I am going to be very embarrassed for them to see me like this.

If you will just help me out then I promise I will make you money. I really do know how to entice internet door buyers to come see me but I need more content and images to be able to tell your story properly.

Yours truly,


Burns, this was very creative!!!

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