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Apr 19

…and boy is Jasmine jealous!

alladin and alice campaignalyzer founderWorking in the Silicon Valley is an awesome ongoing adventure. The spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity, hard work, and fun is always there. Even large companies like Google have the “20 percent time” program, where Googlers are allowed to use 20 percent of their work week to pursue any special project they like, which Google claims many of their innovative products to have originate from.

Here at E-Nor, such innovative spirit is integrated in our culture and company’s DNA. We try to think about data and analytics beyond the 8 (official) working hours :) Such spirit can be found in a project of one of our lead analysts and long time blogger, Allaedin Ezzedin, in a little fairy tale called “Alice in Marketing Wonderland”.

For your digital marketing amusement, if you’re a child of Analytics ready for a wondrous journey through a world of marketing fantasy, watch the video below!

If you are an Apple user, download the iBook version of the story here.

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7 Responses to “Aladdin meets Alice in Marketing Wonderland”

  1. Paul Tim says:

    What a fun? and creative idea! The author must be a real data analytics ninja :)

  2. Farid Alhadi says:

    No one “chops” the data like Allaedin!

  3. Sarah Johnson says:

    Jasmine has all the right to get jealous; I am already jealous :) awesome story Allaedin and amazing culture E-Nor!

  4. Farid Alhadi says:

    Thanks Sarah. Sarah, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle – he makes all princesses jealous :)

  5. Thanks Paul and Sarah for your kind words :)


  6. Vijay Vasu says:

    Hey Allaedin,

    lovely video man, really liked it. Nice to meet you and keep the fab content coming mate :)

    best wishes from Silicon Valley


  7. Thanks Vijay! I am glad you liked it :)

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