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Aug 30

Normally a new chapter of an organization takes some time (years in some cases) to catch up and be able to compete with other established chapters within the organization. Nevertheless, there is an exception to this rule and that’s if the new chapter was established in the Bay Area — you would have to expect the best no matter how big or small the event is and no matter where the bar was set by the other sister chapters.

Yesterday, the digital marketing and digital analytics industry experienced a state-of-the-art symposium organized by local DAA members (forming the soon to be the official DAA San Francisco chapter). The symposium was titled “What’s Next? – The Future of Digital Analytics” and was attended by almost 200 professionals who had the opportunity to listen and engage with 18 top-industry leaders.

For those of you who missed it, here are some highlights of the event:


<Session 1> Localization, Social Media & Mobile </Session 1>


My favorite presentation was by Jarah Euston of Flurry who delivered an awesome talk about the use of mobile apps in our daily life and how marketers through mobile devices can deeply understand their consumer’s behavior.

<Session 2> Big Data </Session 2>


The 7 Myths of Big Data:

<Session 3> Career Development in Digital Analytics </Session 3>


…and before we leave we have to take an E-Nor group picture :)

Thank you!

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the planning team and the DAA staff for the efforts they put into planning the event. While I might not be aware of the amount of time they spent to make this event a successful one, every attendee (including myself) can tell from the end result that a lot of sacrifice was put forth to make this happen.

Planning Team:

  • Charles Davis, Blast Advanced Media
  • June Dershewitz, Apollo Group
  • Auria Moore, Ensighten
  • David Rogers, ConvertClick
  • Krista Seiden, Apollo Group
  • Feras Alhlou, E-Nor


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7 Responses to “Highlights from DAA San Francisco 2012 Symposium”

  1. I missed symposium but it’s great read summary of it. Thanks Allaedin for sharing.

  2. Digital Marketing Consultant: You welcome!


  3. Hi Allaedin,

    I agree that Jarah Euston of Flurry had one of the more compelling stories to tell – and the data to back it up. Great stuff.

    Also, I love the way you used the Tweets to give the highlights from the conference. So great! Is there a tool that allows you to do that easily?


  4. Hi Linda,

    I didn’t know you were there :( I was looking forward to meet you in person!

    As for the tweets, unfortunately, I am not aware of an easy way to present them except the traditional screenshot capture.


  5. Jim Sterne says:

    Allaedin – Thanks for your post. A great review.

    As professional event producer (among several other hats I wear ;-) I can say without a doubt that a LOT of planning went into this and – as a speaker – I was on the receiving end of some of it. In fact, a few of the organizational emails got forwarded to my eMetrics team along with a quick, “Check this out – we should be doing this!”

    So I want to my thanks and congratulations to the Planning Team:
    Charles Davis, Blast Advanced Media
    June Dershewitz, Apollo Group
    Auria Moore, Ensighten
    David Rogers, ConvertClick
    Krista Seiden, Apollo Group
    Feras Alhlou, E-Nor

    Not to mention Executive Director Mike Levin for help with venue negotiations!

  6. Cheng Joon says:

    I really enjoyed reading about Internet Marketing. I will be back to view more of your posts!

  7. Thanks Jim for reading! It was a pleasure meeting you in person as always. Here is a picture from your first talk http://bit.ly/PZ2Q48

    As you can see, the audiences were so focused on the slides :)


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