Common Questions Asked About Our Google Analytics Training Course

How many days are included in the training course?

The Main Track of the course consists of three days:

  • Implementation and Configuration
  • Reporting for Actionable Insights
  • Advanced Strategies for Conversion Optimization

How does E-Nor’s Google Analytics Course compare to Google’s Analytics Academy? What is the added value?

Google’s recently released Analytics Academy provides a good foundation for basic Google Analytics skills and concepts. As mentioned above, this is one of the recommended options prior to attending the Main Track of E-Nor’s Google Analytics Course.

In E-Nor’s Google Analytics Course, you’ll go far beyond the basics to learn a broad range of practical techniques – and pitfalls to avoid – for effective Google Analytics implementation, reporting, and testing and real, bottom-line increases in sales and leads.

Also, the small-group focus during the class session, the one-on-one consultations with your instructor after the training sessions, your individualized three-month development plan, and the ongoing coaching support from your instructor are all designed to guide you to meaningful success in analytics and optimization in a way that an online course cannot.

Do I have to take all three days?

The course is designed to be most effective if you complete all three days of the Main Track, but you are not required to enroll in all three days.  Each day is related to the other days but also fairly independent.

What is the Google Analytics Overview (on Tuesday) designed for?

The Google Analytics Overview, presented one day before the Main Track begins, covers the primary points of the Main Track in a condensed format that does not contain any quizzes or hands-on exercises.  This course is suitable before the Main Track if you have no experience with Google Analytics.  It is also suitable for executives and managers who need a to understand Google Analytics but do not necessarily need to perform day-to-day implementation, configuration, or reporting tasks.

What is the benefit of completing all three days of the Main Track (Wednesday – Friday)?

Apart from receiving a more complete, end-to-end training experience, participants who enroll in all three days…

  • can take the optional final test
  • submit an optional three-month development plan for review
  • receive a Certificate of Completion (if the previous two requirements are satisfied)
  • after three months, review progress on the development plan with the instructor and set longer-term objectives

Do I need to know anything about Google Analytics before the course begins?

The three days of the Main Track are designed for those who are currently at the beginning to intermediate level in Google Analytics. If you have no Google Analytics experience, you are advised to also enroll in the Google Analytics Overview or, at a minimum, to review the Google Analytics IQ or Google Analytics Academy lessons before the Main Track begins.

Do I need to know how to code?

No. The more technical topics, particularly regarding implementation, will be thoroughly explained without any assumption of prior coding or Web development experience.

Are discounts available?

A 10% discount is available for early registration, and a separate 10% discount is also available if you register for at least three of the four training days. You can combine the two discounts for a total of 20% savings off regular registration.

Also, we offer group, education & government discounts as well. Please contact info@e-nor.com or call 866.638.7367.

Are discounts available for governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations?

Contact us for more information! Email info@e-nor.com or call 866.638.7367.

Are discounts available for multiple participants from a single organization.

Contact us for more information! Email info@e-nor.com or call 866.638.7367.

Training Dates
Apr 30-May 2, 2014
June 25-27, 2014
Jul 16-18, 2014
Sept 10-12, 2014
Sept 17-19, 2014
Oct 8-10, 2014
Jan 14-16, 2015

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