Google Analytics Implementation

Our Methodology

At E-Nor, our Implementation Methodology consists of the following key elements:


  • Code updates
  • Tool updates
  • Solution integration

Quality Assurance and Data Validation

Implementing, Migrating, or Updating your analytics implementation to Google Analytics is an exciting process, but it can be complex. It doesn’t have to take forever. Our experienced team of consultants have an in-depth process to make sure you catch every detail and reduce errors. We will validate your code and make sure it’s working the way you planned.

Transfer of Knowledge and Training

E-Nor will not just dump this monster of a tool on you and say “Have fun!”. We will make sure you are comfortable with it’s use by providing detailed training to your entire team, customized to the business goals of your digital properties. As many sessions as it takes, we will make sure to “hand-hold” your team and get them up-to-speed with your new implementation. If for some reasons your team remains uncomfortable, we’re there to support you and back you up till you are.

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The Implementation Methodology document provides recommendations and best practices for a successful Google Analytics implementation. The recommendations and best practices outlined in the document support the aim to measure results.

The primary focus is to identify instances where the tracking code, or the Google Analytics account itself, is not optimally configured to answer the business needs identified in the planning phase. These refinements may include updates to the Google Analytics tracking code or configuration.

In an advanced implementation there may be custom development and solution design integration delivered as part of the solution. All code and the tool configuration are validated via a Quality Assurance process. We recommend testing in a development or testing setting, if possible.

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We will:

  • Ensure your team is involved in all processes to the degree that is appropriate for your organization
  • Offer formal hands-on training classes
  • Set up and make sure all relevant reports are ready to use
  • Show you how to use the advanced features to get the insights needed for success