Reporting & Automation

Data Visualization

Sometimes, numbers on a page are convoluted, no matter how organized you are. For those of us that are visual, visual representations of data, such as charts, graphs, colors, etc, allow us to spot trends more easily. E-Nor uses state of the art data-visualization software to crunch your numbers into visually stunning and telling charts and graphs, so you can see more clearly what is happening and what needs to be done.

See our Video on Tableau Software and Data Visualization


In many cases, you want to avoid the trouble of having to manually create the same reports over and over again. Let E-Nor save you time by creating the appropriate reports and automating its deliver, so you can easily monitor your progress.

Identifying Appropriate Metrics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but the different sets of data can be overwhelming. In order to take valuable action on insights from your data, they need to be delivered in an understanding and meaningful way, metrics combined with recommended optimization actions.

What metrics do I need for my marketing initiatives?

That can be a loaded question. E-Nor can help you develop and identify the proper reports and segmentation to really dive deep and get valuable metrics.

Data Aggregation

Even knowing the proper metrics may require a combination of data, which could require custom reports. Also, a proper measurement strategy to get a full view of your marketing efforts would take into account all mediums and sources of data (not just your website), including mobile data, social networking data, blog, offline data, crm data, email marketing data, etc. Let E-Nor combine this data for you in powerful, neat, easy-to-read reports.

Dashboards & Executive Support

Different departments may need different metrics, and therefor different types of reports. We customize your reports based on stakeholders’ needs, from executives to marketing to support and technical teams. Each respective stakeholder has access to what matters most for their respective bottom line or specific line of business.

We help you identify and act upon quantifiable data with custom and automated dashboards built and delivered in a timely, convenient and, intelligible fashion.