Measure. Analyze. Optimize.

Partner with E-Nor to Grow Your Business through Data and Insights

Enterprise Measurement Strategy

Build an analytics practice with the right objectives, scope, roles, and communication channels. Increase governance and the effectiveness of your organization.

Google Analytics 360 & Tag Manager

Break away from default implementation and basic reporting to gain full control of this powerful analytics platform for stronger channel attribution and conversion optimization.

Training & Coaching

Learn core skills and expert techniques for day-to-day confidence and long-term mastery of your analytics platforms for real competitive advantage.

Data Engineering & Report Automation

Integrate your Web, mobile app, analytics, CRM, marketing, and cost data into a coherent and responsive data platform for understanding customer journeys.

Data Visualization

Achieve maximum flexibility with advanced charting, navigation, and filtering, and automate delivery to stakeholders for increased engagement and action.

A/B Testing & Personalization

Test which page variations perform best, and present customized experiences to specific audience segments to drive steady, systematic improvement.

We’re proud to have served such clients as:

What our clients say about us:

“We are delighted with the analytics implementation E-Nor did for us. Everyone we worked was expert, efficient, and professional. They figured out how to meet every need. They made it easy. We went from a $30,000 solution that didn’t work well from a company that didn’t pay much attention to us, to a fast, easy to use solution that many in the company can use unassisted. It would have been difficult to achieve without E-Nor’s wizardry.”

Maxim Integrated

“E-Nor took over our account from a previous Analytics vendor and have demonstrated that they are a step above the rest when it comes to understanding a customer’s marketing needs. They spent the time and effort to understand where we were, where we are now and where we want to go. Well worth spending some time with these folks.”

“I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation to you for Urchin (an excellent product), and for a very good support by your engineers! It doesn’t happen too often, when we see a wonderful product and a very professional support in one package! Thank you very much for everything.”


“E-Nor’s consultants provided us with timely, polite, and professional technical support. They helped us troubleshoot a very tricky issue, and did not give up until the problem was fully resolved. You’ll be in good hands if you choose E-Nor…”