E-Nor, Inc. established in 2003 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, is a global digital analytics and marketing optimization consulting firm devoted to enabling organizations to become more data-driven. Our time-tested, platform-agnostic analytics framework provides digital intelligence through multi-device and multi-channel marketing optimization strategies, advanced analytics implementation, analysis, data visualization and training.

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E-Nor’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, governmental agencies and some of the world’s most recognized brands including Sony, SanDisk, eBay, MIT, Stanford, Accenture and more. We frequently contribute thought leadership content to industry publications and events. E-Nor is a member of the Digital Analytics Association and a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller.

E-Nor annually contributes two percent of revenue to non-profits.

E-Nor supports clients globally with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Dallas, Portland, Columbus, Tampa, New York, Brussels and Dubai.

Mission Statement: E-Nor’s Defining Qualities


E-Nor is a company of ethics and morals. Our number one goal is to go above and beyond what our customers expect of us. We understand that your success is a priority, so if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.


E-Nor takes pride in being a company of high-standards in all areas of business – whether that means being courteous on an individual or interpersonal level, or ensuring we provide only high-quality, complete work.

Availability and Approachability

Each E-Nor employee is available (by phone or e-mail) and is extremely approachable. It’s important to us that our clients are comfortable entrusting their projects to us. Thus, we do our utmost to give each client our full attention and care and allow for incoming feedback, calls, questions, and inquiries.


Our clients trust us, so we want to make sure they are aware of the details of their projects and campaigns. E-Nor makes it a point to provide each client with in-depth information and documentation on all issues, resolutions, actions and circumstances. Our documentation is detailed and easily understood by our clients.


To E-Nor employees, our business is not just “9-to-5″. Each employee has a genuine interest and passion in their respective areas. That passion allows us to see things others may not as well as exert effort.