Our Team

Loving Data is just the beginning of our team's passion.

E-Nor team members love data and we love what we do.

We are a diverse group of skilled analytics advisors who are trusted by some of the world’s most recognized brands. We know you’ll love working with us.

Ahmed Awwad

Analytics Team Lead – Implementation
Being a leader by nature, Ahmed abundantly empowers his team of analytics enthusiasts with his own striving for excellence and ever-growing knowledge in the field. He is a fierce runner and a competitive sportsman, seriously he will give you a run for your money. Ahmed is a technical guru with 15+ years of experience in Web Technologies, Digital Analytics and Digital Marketing. Although he comes from a background of physical education, Ahmed is self-made achiever who is diligent in his pursuit to adapt new technologies and translate them into unique user experiences for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Ahmed Marof

Analytics Consultant – Implementation
Marof is a strong proponent of the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” philosophy. Passionate about development, analytics, science and technology, he graduated from Ain Shams University with a BS in Physics and Computer Science and from the Information Technology Institute with a diploma in Software Development. Marof is certified in Google Analytics & Google AdWords Mobile. Outside of the office, you’ll find him running, writing poetry, podcasting, creating videos, taking photos and playing soccer.

Allaedin Ezzedin

VP Analytics Engineering
Allaedin wisely guides friends, family and colleagues with honesty and care. He is a long time digital analytics industry veteran leading E-Nor’s analytics team with over a decade of experience as a digital marketing and senior analytics consultant. Allaedin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University. Allaedin’s hobbies include hiking, camping, and traveling. His favorite travel destination is Turkey and he’s a seafood fanatic.

Ariana Wolf

Account Director
Ariana loves helping clients measure what matters. Her favorite projects are those that enable brands to create great user experiences through data collection, analysis and testing. Before joining E-Nor, she spent a decade in digital marketing, in both corporate and agency settings. Analytical to a T, Ariana can’t help but organize her closet by color and conduct (genealogy) research for fun. When her brain needs a break, she loves editing photos, trying new restaurants and spending time with her family. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado and Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Denver.

Asmaa Mourad

Marketing Manager
Asmaa is very passionate about expressing creativity in her life. She studied History of Art at UC Berkeley and continued her education in Graphic Design at Mission College. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, traveling the world and exploring new places.

Caitlin McCluskey-Fitch

Digital Analytics Consultant
Shortly after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with Bachelors degrees in English and Psychology, Caitlin discovered her passion for Google Analytics. After working in marketing and search engine optimization, Caitlin made her way into analytics strategy. A lifelong self-starter, her passion for data analysis and data visualization is infectious. When Caitlin isn’t working, you can find her doing yoga, listening to jam bands, or playing with her cat, Laura Palmer. Yes, Caitlin loves the television show “Twin Peaks” very much.

Cansu Kaya

Analytics Implementation Specialist
Having lived in three continents, Cansu loves new experiences and beginnings as much as seeing positive returns in revenue reports. Shortly after graduating from Istanbul Technical University with a bachelors degree in Management Engineering, she set her heart on the world of analytics. Cansu is a lifelong learner and makes it her priority, which is why she is so attracted by analytics. She loves experiential learning, so when she isn’t coming to understand the world through data, she’s doing it through traveling and cooking. Away from keyboard, Cansu can be found doing road trips around the Bay Area.

Corey Roberts

Channel Sales Manager
In his free time Corey enjoys coaching lacrosse, going to the beach and hanging out with his dog Nola. Before E-Nor, Corey worked as an Account Manager in the Enterprise Software industry. He is adept at building long lasting relationships and solving customer’s business needs by thinking outside of the box. His passion is helping people and he collaborates with E-Nor’s partners to achieve mutual success. Corey was a student athlete and graduated from Hood College in Maryland with a B.S in Business Management and Marketing.

Elise Dunham

Knowledge Manager
Elise’s specialties are information management and user adoption. Her goal is to enable E-Norians to document and discover the information they need to excel in their work. She facilitates all aspects of E-Nor’s internal knowledge base, which means she fosters user engagement, manages metadata to improve discovery, and coordinates curation efforts to make sure E-Norians have access to the latest-and-greatest information. Elise’s background is in library and information sciences, and her passion for contributing to a world where quality data can be collected, trusted, and used motivates her to focus on work even when Florida’s weather tries to convince her otherwise.

Eliza Almenoar

Office Manager
Eliza balances her love for reading and long walks with her passion for “high speed – autobahn driving ” and dancing / listening to Jazz, Soul and R&B music. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from San Jose State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mathematics. She was an educator for over a decade before transitioning into office administration.

Eric Fettman

Director of Education & Technical Application
As an educator and coach, Eric translates complexity into understandable ideas, real-world examples, and actionable next steps. He concretely supports and inspires individuals and organizations as they develop analytics skills and programs. Eric is a co-author of Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact and is grateful for the tremendous opportunities for lifelong learning and the impact that digital analytics offers.

Farid Alhadi

Sales Director
An E-Norian for over a decade, having roles in Marketing, Creative Development, Design, Account Management, Content Development, and most recently, Sales and contracts. Farid graduated with a Bachelors of Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley, with a background in Computer Science and Sociology. Farid has a strong background in customer service and communication, paying strong attention and intuition to clients’ needs.

Feras Alhlou

President & Co-Founder
“Work Hard. Play Hard.” This personal motto sums it up for Feras. When he’s not consulting and spearheading E-Nor’s growth, you’ll find Feras speaking at a conference, writing an article, or learning a new tool or helpful tip. Outside of work (yes, Feras eventually learned to unplug), he enjoys volunteering, listening to audiobooks, skiing, training in Aikido, in which he earned a 3rd degree black belt, and spending quality time with his wife and three children. Feras received a Master of Engineering Management from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tulsa University.

Hazem Mahsoub

Data Engineering Manager
Hazem has a strong passion for technology and science. His long career allowed to shift focus two or three times. Now very passionate about data engineering and data science. With the ever-growing amount of data, extensive transformations and preparation are needed before analysis and reporting can occur to reveal insights, affecting decision making. That’s where Hazem and his data engineering team shine and provide top-notch solution design and implementation. He received a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Computer Engineering from Cairo University. Since then, he has been preferring industry certificates, the latest Professional Data Engineer from Google.

Joel Michael

VP Consulting Operations
Joel hikes, volcanos! He and his wife Danielle enjoy the outdoors and aim to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and inspire others to as well, you’ll find him boarding a plane with his folding bicycle. Joel has 15+ years experience in web development and communications, with a focus on advertising and higher education marketing. He holds a Visual Communication Design degree and has received multiple industry awards. When colleagues tired of his habit of constantly asking “why?” he found himself in the field of analytics where his curiosity is directed safely toward data.

John Henson

Director of Special Projects – Senior Advisor
John is a master horseman. His love for nature and the outdoors inspires him, which expresses as an ability to synthesize information and present it in a creative way, that supports ease of learning and understanding. John held a consultancy position that was deeply involved in Google Analytics and later took an in-house position in the online education space with the Apollo Group, leveraging his mastery of Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst to support their advanced analytics needs. Experiencing the practitioner side after a consultancy position has enlightened him as to how consultants can be more effective in empowering large organizations with data and insights.

Josh Katinger

VP Sales & Marketing
Josh is humorous and often makes his colleagues laugh until it hurts. Before his current role heading up sales and marketing at E-Nor Josh put in nearly 20 years in the world of internet marketing and analytics. He has been an analytics practitioner and consultant, managed the growth and operations of an analytics software company, and even started, grew, and sold an interactive agency in his native Connecticut. Now transplanted in Northern California, when not working Josh enjoys getting outdoors and spending time with friends and family. He is also an avid IndyCar racing fan and enjoys taking in airshows, live music and standup comedy as often as possible.

Justin Marciszewski

Machine Learning Engineer
Justin is passionate about numbers and solving problems. He loves learning new tools and ways to tackle old and new challenges alike. Before joining E-Nor, Justin spent 6 years as a consultant, including running his own firms, helping companies improve their websites, mobile apps and digital marketing through data engineering, visualization and analysis. Justin graduated from UNC-Wilmington with a B.S. in Finance, Minor in Mathematics and when he’s not working, you’ll find him in the great outdoors, surfing, running, hiking or off traveling to somewhere new.

Kayla Kinch

Digital Analytics Consultant
Kayla has been working in the digital advertising and analytics industry since 2015. She is passionate about data integrity and giving businesses the tools they need to make data-informed decisions. While not deep-diving into the numbers, you’ll find Kayla hanging from an aerial apparatus, juggling hats or dancing to traditional Ghanian rhythms.

Keith White

Keith may be found ‘stitching the line’ on the ‘twistie’ roads of California with his Ducati Monster. When not riding, his MBA with Distinction from Harvard guides his mastery of forecasting, modeling and strategic financial planning. Keith knows the numbers inside and out and serves as E-Nor’s number crunching CFO. He has 15+ years of business experience at companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500. He develops business & financial models, raises funding for startups, sized opportunities, manages business development and provides investor relations support. Keith also holds a BS in Industrial Engineering Summa Cum Laude from Kansas State University.

Kyle Hicks

Analytics Implementation Specialist
Kyle is fascinated with building and implementing creative software solutions. His curious nature continually drives him to seek out and engage with unfamiliar technologies and experiences. He came to analytics from a career of developing enterprise applications for a wide range of industries, and is excited to be combining his zeal for programming, data, and visualization at E-Nor. Outside of work, Kyle enjoys more coding, drawing, cooking, and spending time with his wife and two young daughters. Kyle graduated with a BS in Informatics & Digital Media from Indiana University.

Matt Hoffman

Implementation Consultant
While earning his collegiate degrees in Communications and Psychology, Matt would lock away in his room teaching himself code for “fun” and building crude websites in the early days of HTML. Upon graduating, Matt never pursued his accredited fields of study and chose to instead focus his career in the world of technology, amassing nearly two decades of professional experience in various areas of design, programming, and analytics. Matt’s left and right brains are constantly battling for headspace dominance, as his passions range from math and statistics, to art and music. In his free time, Matt counts down the days until Halloween.

Mona Emad

Analytics Implementation Specialist
Mona is a recent graduate with a degree in Computer Science. During school, she served as the president of student activity for two years and was chosen to represent Egypt in the European International Model United Nations in the Netherlands. Mona received a Certificate of Honor from the President of Egypt. We will observe Mona’s programming skills unfold across the GMP and analytics platforms. Mona is beginning a Masters’s degree in Computer Science, and is ambitious about her future. Her dream is to be a traveler and see the world.

Mahmoud Morsi

Analytics Consultant – Implementation
An enthusiastic advocate for “Work harder but smarter”, Morsi believes that there is always a solution for any dilemma, “Whatever it takes” is his go to response in any challenge. Java certified, holding a CIW Master degree in Web Design and 10+ years of extensive experience in web development, UI and usability. In addition to Google analytics and Google Analytics APIs , Morsi delivers unique exquisite solutions to our client’s needs. His laid back personality is uncovered by passion to keep learning in every aspect of life, add to this an impeccable sense of humor and an appetite for soccer, you will meet a force to be reckoned with.

Mike Anderson

Data Visualization & Reporting Architect
Mike has a passion for all things data and data visualization, utilizing his BA in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas. With certifications in Tableau and Data Studio, he strives to deliver powerful data visualizations that drive impactful business decisions. When not designing dashboards, he enjoys geeking out and enjoying all things technology has to offer.

Mohamed Adel

Senior Analytics Consultant – Implementation
After writing his first piece of code at the mere age of 10, being a software developer became the obvious way to go. After graduating from Cairo Computer Academy, Adel’s experience that extends to 15+ years has evolved from software and web development to finally mastering Google Analytics to the extent that it comes as a second nature. Laying his thinking cap down, Adel believes that AntMan is the ultimate super hero and enjoys solo traveling in his leisure time.

Mahmoud Taha

Data Engineering Team Lead
Mahmoud is all about facing challenges, the harder the challenge the sweeter the victory. After receiving his Bachelor degree in Computer Science and a diploma in Software Development he worked as a software developer. Later switching careers to the Business Intelligence and Data Analysis field in which he found his passion working with data, analysis and revealing hidden insights to help companies make better business decisions. Mahmoud is kind and funny and loves spending time with his family, traveling and hitting the gym.

Mohammad Nabil

Analytics Consultant – Implementation
Delivering the best quality is Nabil’s motto, using his attention to detail to its full force, settling on mediocre output is out of the question. After 12 years of experience in quality control he is even more tenacious now than when he started. His dedication to his work is only matched with his obsession to Cross Fit training. Nabil is a health nerd. His only challenge is to curb his big appetite to match his healthy lifestyle! Nabil also has a hawk eye for bugs.

Naila Hai

Sales Operations Manager
Shortly after graduating from London School of Economics with a Masters in Health Policy, Naila started her career in healthcare. She pioneered a method to connect elder constituency’s data through a number of health and social databases, whilst gaining many insights to improve delivery models. This led to a public health role with a focus on healthcare data informatics with McKinsey. Naila’s career transitioned from London to San Francisco after she met her husband. She can often be found baking treats, knitting or doing arts and crafts around the home with her two kids and a cat named Mango (who is not ginger as the name might suggest). Naila loves the outdoors and is never hesitant to jump on a plane and explore new cities.

Nesreen Badawi

Project Manager
Also known as Chef Nesreen, culinary creations prepared with an ancient ‘secret’ ingredient, never cease to amaze those blessed to savor her unique and complex dishes. As a project manager, Nesreen manages engineering schedules, ensures deadlines are met and acts as an internal liaison. Her experience extends over 10 years in technical writing, business analysis, usability analysis, product management and project management. Her passion is to inspire people to reach their fullest potential. Nesreen wishes to always keep evolving as a person and as a member of her community.

Pankaj “Jay” Jayaswal

Senior Consultant
Jay is a Senior Digital Commerce, CRM, and Analytics professional with global leadership experience in digital transformation strategy, multichannel marketing, and customer insights. Jay’s passion is helping enterprises engage in customer-centric integrated marketing to grow their business. He has helped enterprises devise segmentation and propensity models to target, retain and migrate high-value customers through their life-cycle. When not working, Jay gets into “celebrity chef” mode with his gourmet cooking, or you will find him chasing his “hole in one” dream on the greens. Jay received his MBA from Rutgers Business School and Bachelors in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee.

Patricia Jordan-Hinojos

Sales Director
Having run a full service digital marketing agency for over 10 years, Pat has a deep understanding for how various digital marketing initiatives and user experience interact toward advancing a strategic goal. Away from technology, you’ll find her buying and rehabbing rent houses, enthusiastically volunteering or engineering the laziest way to garden. This thrill-seeker loves adventures from sky-diving to scuba-diving. BS Industrial Distribution, Texas A&M University

Patrick Soch

Digital Analytics Consultant
Patrick Soch is a veteran digital marketer with considerable experience in online travel, luxury consumer goods, and ecommerce. He is an analytics power user, using analytics data to adeptly manage and optimize online marketing efforts for profitability. Patrick helps clients translate their business objectives into meaningful KPIs and world-class web measurement implementations that provide actionable data across enterprises. In his free time, Patrick enjoys hiking, archery, and elk hunting in the mountains of Colorado that he calls home with his wife, Wendy and their five children.

Raef ElSayed

Data Engineer
Raef has a passion for Data Analysis and Data Engineering, you’ll find him tinkering with data sets and creating new data models to predict behavior and model future outcomes. With over 6 years in Data Warehousing he sharpened his area of expertise in Data Analysis and Data Engineering through Cloud Applications. Raef has a deep understanding of what drives businesses and with this knowledge, he builds processes to support data transformation, data structures, metadata and dependency and assembles large, complex data sets that inform business decisions. Raef holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Biomedical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Before E-Nor, Raef worked at several multinational companies including Vodafone Egypt, Teradata Egypt, and SAS Middle East. He loves traveling, watching TV series, playing soccer, and spending time with his family.

Scott Burnam

Digital Analytics Consultant
Scott’s former career in higher education provides him expertise and insight in marketing, CMS and CRM leverage, and team dynamics, complimented by experience in project management and assessment. Scott is certified in Google Analytics, earned a BS in Theatre from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1991, and an MA in Management from Antioch University Midwest in 2006. He’s been published and paid as a poet and actor, and hopes to one day sell a painting to complete the trifecta. A native of upstate New York, he resides in Ohio with his wife, Robin, and their three children.

Tara Kincade

VP Data Intelligence
A lover of the unknown, Tara enjoys experimenting with new technology and subsequently breaking it as much as possible. She uses personal experiences with many facets of analytics to provide her clients with a wide breadth of knowledge, from a/b testing to mobile app measurement and all through the alphabet to visualization. Tara is one of those weirdos who love grey, rainy days, so her home state of Oregon suits her nicely. She also enjoys kayaking, playing piano, knitting, and making little robots.

Thad Baker

Digital Analytics Consultant
Thad is a multi-instrumentalist musician with an affection for the outdoors. If he’s not laying down a tasty groove in his home studio, he’s likely fishing, camping, or just taking long walks with his wife and two dogs. Thad found his insatiable curiosity for digital analytics not long after graduating with a degree in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma. Before joining E-Nor, Thad spent nearly a decade in both agency and corporate analyst roles where he enjoyed solving digital marketing problems for local and global brands. He is absolutely enamored with making better decisions with data, simplifying technical concepts, and the Oxford comma.

Tina Petrigni

VP People Operations
Tina loves hats, of all shapes and colors. So wearing many-hued hats @ E-Nor is a natural fit. From implementing systems, to stocking healthy snacks, managing complex client accounts, planning global events, forecasting with the CFO, strategizing with the CEO, Tina’s SNHU MBA ensures it all gets done! Tina’s passion is compassion. She evolves by studying ancient truth teachings and facilitating meditation for the upliftment of humanity and universal consciousness. OM. Peace.

Zara Palevani

Director of Client Support & Project Management
With a people first mentality, an entrepreneurial attitude, an unending thirst to learn and share, Zara always dreams big, thinks outside the box and works smart. Zara has a proven record of taking the initiative in making strategic decisions to create success for her team and clients. Zara’s experience includes revamping the marketing assets of a B2B business, initiating a digital marketing analytics practice for a fortune 500 company, and providing professional development training in digital marketing, data analytics, and project management. Zara’s energy is powered by spending time with her family, playing basketball, and reading poetry.

Shiraz Asif

Co-founder, 1973-2016

Knowledge Talks. Wisdom Listens.” Shiraz Asif was one of two co-founders of E-Nor. As the Vice President of Analytics, he had an unwavering passion for successful projects and customer satisfaction. Shiraz brought along with him a dynamic blend of experience in customer management, consulting and technology expertise. His knack for research left no stone unturned, leading E-Nor to the forefront of all new related technology. As an executive manager, Shiraz built a strong rapport with the employees. He was loved by his colleagues and was known to be fun, balanced, and had a great sense of humor. Shiraz passed away in March of 2016 and is deeply missed.