Growth Through Analytics with Andy Abbar

Anas (Andy) Abbar of 7awi paints a unique picture of growth through a range of analytics tools and quantitative inputs, including focus groups to create personas, surveys and Google Trends to discover new topics of interest, and Google Analytics for all aspects of audience segmentation and content performance measurement. Andy’s inspiring story provides insight on […]


Get More out of Your Split Testing with Documentation and Post-Test Analysis with Bobby Hewitt

When we approach testing, we can sometimes overlook critical aspects of the process, namely documentation and deep analysis once your testing tool declares a winner. Listen as testing expert Bobby Hewitt shares insights with Feras and Eric on the test elements that you need to document, different testing categories such as social proof and anxiety […]


Chris Goward Creates Powerful Experiment Hypotheses Using the LIFT Model

Earlier this week, Feras and Eric had a chance to catch up with industry authority Chris Goward as he discussed the genesis of the LIFT model for conversion rate optimization, the Points of Difference principle for articulating your value proposition and getting yourself out of the bloody “red ocean” of redundant competition, and WiderFunnel’s groundbreaking […]


Simo Ahava Gets Under the Hood with Google Tag Manager Triggers

If it’s Simo, you know you can count on expert insight and valuable tips on Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, delivered with unique depth and clarity. Simo recently joined Feras and Eric for a 30-minute webinar – listen to hear Simo’s perspectives pageview and DOM ready triggers, All Elements and Just Click triggers, testing […]


Case Study: APMEX doubles new user revenue with Google Optimize 360

Optimize 360 is a testing and personalization solution from the Google Analytics 360 suite. It allows you to run A/B, multivariate, or redirect tests to targeted user audiences. The integration between Analytics 360 and Optimize 360 empowers analysts to seamlessly transition from insight to action. From optimizing page layout to customizing the entire user journey, Optimize […]


#HalloweenViz – Is the Economy impacting your Halloween?

It’s Halloween here in the US, and yes, there is a whole lot of data about Halloween including ties to the presidential elections (and that’s not the scary part about the presidential elections :)). Some are correlating mask sales to polls, while others focused their correlations around costumes. For us, we figured we stay away […]


Landing Pages in Two Platforms: Google Analytics and BigQuery

Of the several dozen reports built into the Google Analytics navigation, some are more specialized and rarely used, while others – such as Landing Pages – remain one of the core reports accessed most regularly by the whole spectrum of Google Analytics users. Why is landing pages a perpetual favorite? first exposure: Landing Pages represent […]