Charging for Proposals?

This is a post by my friend and a fellow Internet Consultant, Burns Smith, in Madison, MS. We have known Burns for almost two years now and we have worked together on several projects. Burns continues to impress us with his ability to educate his clients on the need to invest the time and effort […]


Useful Internet Marketing Resources

Internet Consultants (ICs) have different strategies in running their companies, some are very hands-on, and like to implement programs on their own, while other ICs tend to outsource project management and implementation to production centers, authorized suppliers, and third party vendors. In his training workshop, Feras Alhlou emphasizes the need for consultants to determine what […]

Scoping e-Commerce Projects

Client Background/General Information 1. e-Commerce Knowledge Implemented an eCommerce solution previously? –> If yes, – The name of the solution? – Was the solution implemented in house or with a web development company? – Was the solution maintained (e.g. products uploaded) in house or through a web development company? –> If no, level of familiarity […]