Useful Internet Marketing Resources

Internet Consultants (ICs) have different strategies in running their companies, some are very hands-on, and like to implement programs on their own, while other ICs tend to outsource project management and implementation to production centers, authorized suppliers, and third party vendors. In his training workshop, Feras Alhlou emphasizes the need for consultants to determine what […]

Google Services

For tips on presenting and selling PPC/Adwords, Google has a set of very good Powerpoint Presentations. You can access these presentations and other useful information by signing up for Google Advertising Professional Program (at no charge). Meanwhile, contact us if you have any questions or need help in selling or managing your client’s PPC accounts. […]

Scoping e-Commerce Projects

Client Background/General Information 1. e-Commerce Knowledge Implemented an eCommerce solution previously? –> If yes, – The name of the solution? – Was the solution implemented in house or with a web development company? – Was the solution maintained (e.g. products uploaded) in house or through a web development company? –> If no, level of familiarity […]