So you want a website?

Well you’ve finally come to the conclusion that you need a website. Great stuff! A website is an effective marketing tool for your business. Literally millions of people go online now to find what their looking for instead of flipping through the antiquated yellow pages. So where do you begin? Enter Li’l Johnny, your nephew, […]

Pay Per Click Advertising

The global marketplace continues to shift online and a clear example is the phenomenon of Search Engine Marketing. Individuals continue to shift online to read the latest news, look up information and researching products which eventually lead to purchasing them. According to Nielsen/Netratings, the number of searches across all search engines grew to 5.1 billion […]

Why Blog?

What’s with all of this blog hoopla anyways? Well a Blog (short for Web Log) has become a phenomenon on the web and is being used as an effective medium for everybody to spread their message in a unique and effective manner. In its relatively short existence, blogs have become an addicting trend for those […]