So you want a website?

Well you’ve finally come to the conclusion that you need a website. Great stuff! A website is an effective marketing tool for your business. Literally millions of people go online now to find what their looking for instead of flipping through the antiquated yellow pages. So where do you begin? Enter Li’l Johnny, your nephew, […]

Acquiring More than One Domain Name

Maybe you have been tempted to buy more than one domain name for your web presence, although this most probably will not lead to increase your Search Engine Rank, it could be helpful for other reasons. One of these reasons could be protecting your brand, if you own you might want to buy […]

Are you being searched for?

90% of Internet surfers use search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find products and services. On average, these search engines average 300-500 million searches a day. Only 7% of websites are properly optimized for maximum search engine visibility. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about improving your website so that search engines will rank […]

Integrated Marketing Communications

Two of our favorite definitions of “Marketing” are found in organizations that help small business owners establish and grow their trade, one in the U.S. small business association and the other is in the Australian Department of State and regional development. These definitions revolve around the concept of customer, customer and the customer! Simply, marketing […]

Why Blog?

What’s with all of this blog hoopla anyways? Well a Blog (short for Web Log) has become a phenomenon on the web and is being used as an effective medium for everybody to spread their message in a unique and effective manner. In its relatively short existence, blogs have become an addicting trend for those […]