4 Reasons Our Google Analytics Training Course Stands Out

A Commitment to Your Long-Term Success If you search for “google analytics training course” on the Internet, you’ll find many options to choose from.  So why did we launch our Google Analytics Training Courses? What’s different about our program? How do we stand out? 1. “Office hours”. For a minimum of six months after the […]

E-Nor Analytics Workshop at WebCongress Miami

This year, we’re proud to announce our Principal Partner, Bilal Saleh, will be conducting an Analytics Workshop as one of the sessions of WebCongress Miami! What Marketers can learn from Network Engineers With a background in mobile telecommunications, Bilal draws a parallel between digital marketing and network engineering, particularly decision making based on measurement and […]

3 Steps to Improve the Effectiveness of Press Releases – Use Tableau and Google Analytics

There are numerous reasons and benefits for companies, large and small, to send out press releases. Some example announcements include: A new executive joining the team A new product or service offering Establishing a new location and company growth Establishing new partnerships Corporate restructuring You name it… Context for Measuring Press Releases Often, our customers […]

Google Analytics Solidifies Lead in Fortune 500 Adoption in 2013

63% of Fortune 500 Use Google Analytics Two years ago, Google announced Google Analytics Premium to solidify their presence in the enterprise market for Analytics. Today, Google Analytics Premium is the leading analytics solution for highly trafficked sites as well as large-scale government-wide initiatives. Google Analytics Premium offers more horsepower, dedicated support, and groundbreaking solutions […]

breaking bad walter white jesse pinkman in desert

Breaking Bad Exit Rates – Cook the Numbers Right

“Say My Name…” “…Heiseinberg…” “You’re god!@#$ right…” Last night marked an awesome ending to an awesome show. Unlike some other anti-climactic series finales (that shall remain nameless…Dexter) copping out and leaving it ambiguous to the fans imagination, Vince Gilligan (creator of Breaking Bad) gave us what we wanted. Walter White wrapped up all the loose […]