Monitor Social Mentions in Google Analytics with Data Hub Activity

Today, any comprehensive digital marketing strategy must include social marketing. Everyone is constantly connected, either through their phones, at home, even surfing their social networks at work. They could be talking about your brand (positively or negatively)! Many organizations benefit greatly from social marketing and word-of-mouth marketing. It’s free, and the potential to go “viral” […]

E-Nor Launches Google Analytics Training Courses!

Want a Better Understanding of Google Analytics? Go Back to School! E-Nor Launches Google Analytics Training Course, Featuring Industry Veteran Eric Fettman as Instructor and Coach Here at E-Nor, we’re always looking for ways to help others understand the importance of analytics, as well as the inner workings behind that and digital data. Over the […]

salesforce google analytics integration

Integrate Salesforce and Google Analytics

Note: Please see the updated Ultimate Guide to Universal Analytics Integration with Salesforce. You have several tools and channels: Paid Campaigns (Google Adwords), Google Analytics and Salesforce.  All are robust and tell you different details about the behavior of your leads/prospects.  Google Analytics has an overall view about your visitors (qualified and unqualified leads), while […]

High Traffic, Low Leads – Extracting Actionable Insights from Google Analytics

Canada, oh Canada. We’ve extracted a handful of gems from you…Maple Syrup…Hockey…The Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies…even Justin Bieber. Apparently, you’re also #1 in the world in fruit juice drinking (real statistic), which is an amazing talent. If you’re a frequent reader, you might be used to us posting advanced analytics topics, such as Google […]