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Migration from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics 360

Transitioning web analytics platforms is a significant endeavor for any organization. This post assumes you are contemplating or perhaps have already made the decision to transition from Adobe Analytics to Analytics 360 (Google Analytics Premium). With a web analytics transition, the technical aspects are crucial to get right. However, that is not the only key […]


Troubleshooting Google Analytics with Google Tag Assistant

Ever wonder if your Google Analytics implementation was recording hits, events, pageview requests, custom dimensions, conversion pixels, etc., the way you meant it to? Ever wish you could debug it at the page interaction level and see exactly what is being sent to Google Analytics? If you’ve invested in Google Analytics, then you’ve done the […]


Mapping User Constituencies to Google Analytics Segments

Aggregation is the Enemy Make this statement one of your daily mantras. Many websites (and some mobile apps) cater to different user constituencies with different motivations. It’s your critical responsibility as a Google Analytics practitioner to: identify your user constituencies (basically, a fancier way to say user type) create a Google Analytics custom segment that […]


Google Analytics 360 Suite: From Measurement to Optimization

Earlier today, Google announced the launch of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. As one of the earlier members of the Google Analytics Certified Partners program, we are excited to witness the evolution of the new tools and features. The true power of the new 360 suite comes down to integration. If you’re familiar with E-Nor, […]


Google Analytics on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Measuring User Behavior and Segmenting Content for Publishers

We live in a mobile era. About half of the world’s population now owns a smartphone that they use to read news and access other information resources. This new reality has put a lot of pressure on publishers to ensure content quality, availability, accessibility and relevance and thereby increase user engagement and conversion. The main […]


[Webinar Recording] Tracking User Journeys in Google Analytics

On Monday, February 22, 2016, we had a successful webinar on “Tracking User Journeys in Google Analytics: Cross-Domain, Cross-Device, and CRM Integration” by our Google Analytics Training Director, Eric Fettman. What We Covered In the steady evolution of analytics towards user centricity, it’s becoming more critical to understand user journeys and also long-term user engagement […]


[Webinar Recording] Understand User Behavior and Customize the Data Set

On Monday, February 8, 2016, we had a successful webinar on “Understand User Behavior and Customize the Data Set: Google Analytics Event Tracking and Custom Dimensions with Google Tag Manager” by our Google Analytics Training Director, Eric Fettman. What We Covered Beyond the data that Google Analytics captures through the default tracking code, the attendees […]


[Webinar Recording] Google Analytics How-Tos for Better Reporting and Bigger Insights

In a recent webinar hosted by the Digital Analytics Association, Feras Alhlou and Eric Fettman reviewed specialized Google Analytics techniques, including: Cross-Device Tracking Cross-Domain Tracking Segmenting by Audience Constituency Custom Dimensions & Calculated Metrics Custom Funnels Google Analytics/CRM Integration To learn how to implement these Google Analytics techniques (and to hear Feras run out of […]

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