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Google Analytics Governance & Account Structure – 5 Considerations When Organizing Multiple Sites and Apps

You (or your client) may be a large brand with tens, hundreds or thousands of websites/apps under one main umbrella. Measuring each digital asset is great, but it may only show you part of the whole picture. In order for you to truly benefit from your analysis and get real insights out of your data, […]


[Webinar Recording] Using Google Analytics to Measure Success

On Monday, November 16th, 2015, our director of Google Analytics training, Eric Fettman, as well as Roberto Croci from Google Analytics, South East Europe, Middle East & Africa, conducted an international webinar on: Capabilities of Google Analytics Universal Configuring and Analyzing Goal and Funnel Reporting Generating Events to Fill in Tracking Gaps Google Analytics Enhanced […]


Google Analytics Best Practices: Copying a Goal from Test View to Working View using Share Asset

As a best practice, you should create a Google Analytics goal initially in a test view and then recreate it in a main/working/reporting view only when you have verified that the goal tracking is functioning as expected. This can be verified typically after a few days in the test view. You do not, however, need […]

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