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Choosing a Domain Name

You’re starting a website and you’re excited! You get to choose your own domain name! As the world keeps moving closer to the Internet, the value of your online marketing presence is ever growing and becoming ever necessary. You want to make it as easy as possible for prospects or leads to get to your […]

Integrated Marketing Communications

Two of our favorite definitions of “Marketing” are found in organizations that help small business owners establish and grow their trade, one in the U.S. small business association and the other is in the Australian Department of State and regional development. These definitions revolve around the concept of customer, customer and the customer! Simply, marketing […]

Why Blog?

What’s with all of this blog hoopla anyways? Well a Blog (short for Web Log) has become a phenomenon on the web and is being used as an effective medium for everybody to spread their message in a unique and effective manner. In its relatively short existence, blogs have become an addicting trend for those […]

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