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Vote for E-Nor and Allaedin Ezzedin! Nominated for the 2014 DAA Awards For Excellence!

We are happy to announce that E-Nor has been nominated for the 2014 Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Awards for Excellence in not one, but TWO categories! The DAA is a global thought-leader within the analytics industry that strives to help organizations facing the challenges of data-acquisition and application. We’ve been a proud corporate member of […]

E-Nor Analytics Workshop at WebCongress Miami

This year, we’re proud to announce our Principal Partner, Bilal Saleh, will be conducting an Analytics Workshop as one of the sessions of WebCongress Miami! What Marketers can learn from Network Engineers With a background in mobile telecommunications, Bilal draws a parallel between digital marketing and network engineering, particularly decision making based on measurement and […]

High Traffic, Low Leads – Extracting Actionable Insights from Google Analytics

Canada, oh Canada. We’ve extracted a handful of gems from you…Maple Syrup…Hockey…The Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies…even Justin Bieber. Apparently, you’re also #1 in the world in fruit juice drinking (real statistic), which is an amazing talent. If you’re a frequent reader, you might be used to us posting advanced analytics topics, such as Google […]

Enhanced Google Analytics Admin Access and User Permissions

Update 07/15/2014: Google Analytics has changed “Profile” to “View”. Previously, Google Analytics had only 2 roles (“Admin” and “User”), which are very limited. They announced today that they’ll be expanding the flexibility of access – which is good news for anyone that has multiple hands in their Google Analytics accoqunt cookie jar (you have multiple […]

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