[eBook] 15 Secrets To Perfecting Your Online Store

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Tips! Getting customers through your website’s metaphorical doors is a tough mission! But keeping those visitors engaged once they’re on your site is an even tougher challenge. How do you leap these hurdles and create a site that customers both enjoy visiting and want to keep coming back to? This is a question all marketers and web analysts would LOVE to know the answer to. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that is easily determined with a one-size-fits-all answer.

So how do you measure your visitors’ engagement?

Ready for blast off?

Download our new eBook “Tracking Product Journey from Carting to Purchasing – 15 Secrets To Perfecting Your Online Store!” to learn about:

  • The top engagement metrics for each step of the purchasing cycle:
    • Viewing to Carting
    • Carting to Buying
    • Buying to Buying More
  • How to architect and implement a measurement solution using Google Analytics as a measurement platform.
  • How to analyze the data collected for the different users’ segments.
  • This eBook also can be used as an unofficial guide to a best practice implementation of Google’s Universal Analytics.

Don’t forget to read through to the end — I’ve included few take home action items :)

I hope you will enjoy this book as much I did putting it together. Alright my fellow data ninjas, let’s have some fun!

9 thoughts on “[eBook] 15 Secrets To Perfecting Your Online Store”

  1. Another great piece Allaedin, thanks for sharing!

    Very comprehensive and extremely useful. You covered the KPIs for each purchasing step very clearly and succinctly.


  2. Great source of inspiration for measuring KPIs that matter. Thank you for sharing!

    I have a question on secret #14 “users demographics”. As far as i know the option for implementing demographics data is not yet available for universal analytics. Can you confirm that or did you find a solution to implement it?

  3. Hi Tilo,

    The engineers at Google Analytics are constantly making improvements to the new tracking platform, and as a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we are expecting to see the demographics and interest data in Universal Analytics very soon :)

    Stay tuned!

  4. Very cool ebook – however i would like to point out that nothing was said about establishing a visitors trust by presenting the right kinds of signals from the home page. The year the business was established displayed clearly. Reviews visible on home page. Recognisable brand names on home page. Certifications. Guarantees. Social signals.

    To me the trust factor definitely needs to be given attention to optimize sales, engagement etc.

  5. Greg: I totally agree with you on the importance of building trust on eCommerce sites! Unfortunately, studies confirm that a huge percentage of customers abandon online shopping carts because of a lack of trust, which obviously result in big lost of revenue.

    Here are some random key items to use as “Trust Signals”:
    0. Website Design (Accessibility and Usability)
    1. Professional Product Images/Videos.
    2. Awards, Certificates, and Payment Verification Logos.
    3. Offers: Free Shipping, Free 2-day shipping, Buy One Get One Free,…
    4. Order Tracking.
    5. User Testimonials.
    6. Returns and Exchanges Policy.
    7. Clear Plans/Prices.
    8. Toll-Free Number.
    9. User-Derived Suggestions (i.e. Best Selling, Most Recent)
    10. Product Comparisons.
    11. Business Address (Known cities: London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Tripoli)
    12. Social Connections.
    13. Money back satisfaction guarantee.

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