Attribution pervades much of the current discourse in the analytics community but remains mysterious for many of us. In this video, we take a practical approach to breaking down the basics of attribution in the Google Analytics interface and proceed to explore the algorithmic help provided by the data-driven attribution model in Google Analytics 360.

Topics include:

  • inadequacy of single-touchpoint attribution
  • Top Conversion Paths report
  • Model Comparison Tool
  • interpreting the Data-Driven attribution model
  • surprises and new perspectives from multi-touchpoint and data-driven attribution

About the Author

Patrick Soch
Digital Analytics Consultant
Patrick Soch is a veteran digital marketer with considerable experience in online travel, luxury consumer goods, and e-commerce. He is an analytics power user, using analytics data to adeptly manage and optimize online marketing efforts for profitability. Patrick helps clients translate their business objectives into meaningful KPIs and world-class web measurement implementations that provide actionable data across enterprises.