Google Analytics Premium Data Available for BigQuery

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To read the official blog post, click here.

On May 16th, 2013, Google announced at the Google IO conference that Google Analytics Premium will integrate with Google BigQuery. Until today, there really hasn’t been any exposure of hit-level data from Google Analytics, thus external data crunching of raw Google Analytics data has been relatively limited.

Why would anyone want such granular level access? Any large (to midsize) organization will have their own data-mining warehouse, not only for online data, but for everything. Examples are product inventory, shipping tracking, phone calls, store sales, phone sales data, salesforce lead data, PPC data, etc. The ability to combine it with raw, granular online data will give companies that last piece of the comprehensive universal puzzle, resulting in virtually unlimited insights.

A while back, we wrote about the digital marketing and analytics uses of using Google BigQuery, stitching together multiple data sources as in the picture below:

BigQuery basically allows you to crunch and query massive amounts of data using “…Google’s massive compute power…” “…store as much data as needed and pay only for what you use. Your data is protected with multiple layers of security, replicated across multiple data centers and can be easily exported.”

At E-Nor, we’re ready to set you up with Google Analytics Premium, and easily integrate it with such applications as Google BigQuery or Tableau, so you get the most insight out of your data.

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