36-Point Google Analytics Implementation Checklist

Download Checklist!

  • Tracking code? Check!
  • Internal traffic excluded? Check!
  • Backup of raw data? Check!
  • Goals and funnels? Check!
  • Events? Check!
  • Campaign tags? Check!
  • Country-specific search engine tracking? Check!
  • Intelligence alerts? Check!

We’ve compiled 36 items into this checklist: some basic, some a little more obscure, all important for you to consider in your Google Analytics setup.

So click here to print it out, check it off, and don’t implement Google Analytics without it!

4 thoughts on “36-Point Google Analytics Implementation Checklist”

  1. Thanks much for the feedback, Thomas. We’ll definitely aim to provide additional resources going forward.

  2. Hey Eric!

    You’ve got a great post here – the checklist seems extremely helpful in terms of Google Analytics implementation. But one should not forget that one-time implementation of the tool is never enough. What do I mean? Google Analytics evolves, your website too, so why shouldn’t the implementation evolve as well?

    Check out this article if you have some spare time ;)


    Regards ;)

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