Google Optimize has emerged as a powerful platform for A/B testing. In this white paper, E-Nor Solutions Architect Tara Dunn and Trainer/Coach Eric Fettman provide a launching point for your own Optimize implementation so you can better understand your Website visitors and drive marketing ROI.

The range of topics includes:

  • the benefit of Optimize for marketers, analysts, and developers
  • testing for different verticals: publishers, Ecommerce, B2B/B2C services, brick and mortar
  • next-level insights from Optimize that analytics doesn’t provide on its own
  • deploying Google Optimize on your website
  • setting your hypothesis
  • using the easy, flexible WYSIWYG editor to create your variations
  • analyzing test results against multiple objectives
  • communicating test results with your teams
  • integrations with Google Analytics and BigQuery

Download our white paper today for a critical overview of the concepts, techniques, and Optimize tool features that will enable you to gain actionable test-driven insights.

About the Author

Feras Alhlou
President & Co-Founder
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