Ask and You Shall Receive: Scale Your Market Research with Google Surveys 360

Google announced Google Surveys 360 this week, a cousin to Google Surveys and a new member to the Google 360 suite of products. With Google Surveys you can access a representative sample of thousands of responses within hours without sacrificing accuracy for speed. Google does this through its in-house validation methods as well as endorsements […]


Brian Clifton Shares Top 10 Google Analytics Gotchas, Insights on Analytics Auditing

Brian Clifton recently joined Feras and Eric for a 30-minute webinar to discuss Top 10 Google Analytics Gotchas, featured in Google Analytics Breakthrough. Brian also shared deep insights on ownership and championing of digital analytics in the enterprise as well as strategies for maintaining the quality of your Google Analytics implementation while your digital properties […]


Analytics Breakthrough Webinar Series: Your Live Questions for the Experts

As an integral part of an end-to-end learning experience for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact features special contributions from luminaries and expert practitioners in analytics and conversion optimization. Join co-authors Feras Alhlou and Eric Fettman for a unique series of 30-minute webinars as our guest contributors […]


Google Announces Google Optimize: Testing For All, For Free!

“We wanted to make the best for the most for the least.” – Charles and Ray Eames Charles and Ray Eames produced a body of work that was not only masterful in its artistic qualities, but also very altruistic in nature. Their molded plywood technology that they developed for their furniture represented an advancement that […]


Announcing E-Nor’s book ‘Google Analytics Breakthrough’!

We at E-Nor are happy to announce the publication of our book Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero To Business Impact authored by Feras Alhlou, Eric Fettman and Shiraz Asif. Google Analytics Breakthrough is a single-source, step-by-step guide for using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to understand user behavior and maximize ROI from your traffic channels. Learn measurement strategy […]


Tracking Multiple Categories in Google Analytics for Content Pages

In an earlier blog post I covered how to measure user behavior and segmenting content for publishers on Accelerated Mobile Pages. Ever since the post, we were asked many times on how to track articles that are associated with multiple tags and categories in Google Analytics. Unfortunately, the solutions that I see circulating in the […]


Why Attribution Matters Now More Than Ever

In this post, we’ll examine the following aspects of attribution. What is attribution modeling? Why single touchpoint attribution inherently wrong if you have a multi-channel marketing program Why it is crucial to track all of your marketing initiatives as accurately and comprehensively as possible How different attribution models embody different perspectives on marketing value Practical […]


Big Data for Publishers

Using BigQuery to Measure Content Engagement and Performance by Article Topic Gauging the performance of content presents more of a challenge than retail transactions or lead generation: for content, we’re measuring engagement levels rather than specific outcomes (such as purchases, lead generation, or signups), or we’re attempting to correlate pages and subjects with any specific […]