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In our discussions with customers and consultants that run PPC campaigns on their own, and in reviewing how the PPC accounts are managed, we often find opportunities to significantly enhance the performance of the PPC campaigns. We believe that it is a misconception that you can set up your account once, leave it on “auto-pilot”, and then expect good results. You might get some results, not definitely nothing to write home about. This directly applies to consultants, as your clients expect you to add value and get them better results for their marketing dollars. Once clients start seeing results, improved ROI, consultants will be rewarded generously, at least it has been the case on our experience with our clients.

What is that we will blog about? Well, improving the performance of your AdWords campaigns. Some improvements are related to the actual account/campaign/ad group structure, while other improvements can be done by applying best practices and on-going PPC optimization techniques.

In this December, our plan is to dedicate some time to share PPC best practices and useful tips and techniques. We would love to hear from you on specific areas you want addressed or specific questions you want answered. Although the tips and examples will directly be related to Google AdWords, the concepts apply to other PPC programs, including the new Yahoo Search Marketing PPC interface and the MSN AdCenter.

Add a comment with your questions and we will sure get you an answer or at least point you in the direction to find what you are looking for.


9 thoughts on “Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Google AdWords Tips”

  1. I am ineteretsed to know how to run effetive campaign for eCommerce site.
    I also interetsed to get information how to use Google Analytics wisley and effectively to get clear indication on the results, not only from Gogl AdWords but from any other resources. Are there any special techniques or technical issues to track onlien shop (VGM and others)?

    Regards, Yaron

  2. In Google Ananlytics I find some inconsistencies that do not make sense. For example, when I look at the “defiend funnel navigation” for specific goal I see 21 conversions. When I look at campaign conversion screen and calculate teh number of conversion for the same goal. based on the percentage and numebr or visits I get 23. Do you have any explanation to such inconsistencies?

  3. How can I get stats about the number of conversion over time for each goal? In campaign conversion screen I can see the percentage of conversion over time but not the number of conversions.

  4. What is your view on including the adsense option on your campaigns?

    I have only one ad group where I have found this to be a benefit, but I was wondering if you thought it was worth adding seperate adsense bids or even building duplicate campaigns just for adsense?

  5. Yaron,

    For an eCommerce site, there are two things you need to do to get the most out of GA:

    1) Track your visitors, both new and returning, through the checkout process. Use this data along with your own analysis to overcome conversion obstacles. An example of a conversion obstacle is forcing the user to create an account instead of encouraging them to complete the transaction. Which is more important to you: a user account in a database or money in your pockets?

    2) Integrating your eCommerce transactions with GA. This will give you a very accurate $/visit figure which you can see on several reports. Also, it will allow you to calculate a return on investment if you are using Google AdWords for PPC traffic – this figure will also be available on several reports. You will also get a whole new set of canned reports to get a better understanding of not only your visitors but which visitors are making you the most money.

    As for special techniques or technical issues, each setup is unique but you will probably need help from the site developer or hosting company to remove conversion obstacles in point 1 and to get access to the transaction information in point 2.

  6. Yaron,

    Without looking at your exact setup it is hard to say why.
    It could be that you just had a bunch of conversions today and not all the reports are updated yet.
    Poor javascript support in a visitor’s web browser could cause inaccurate data to be sent back to Google Analytics.
    And yes, it is possible that the reports are not accurate because of problems on Google’s side.

    I would document the exact problem and send Google Analytics support an e-mail.
    At the very least they will be able to tell you whether there is a problem on their side that is causing inaccuracies in your reports.

  7. Yaron,

    The campaign conversion screen only shows the percentage of converting visitors, not the number of conversions.
    I think your best bet is the Goal Tracking report.
    You will see for each goal you set up the number of conversions per day along with total of conversions. This can be viewd in whatever time frame you like.
    If I have misunderstood your question please repost with a little more explanation.

  8. Feras, here at E-Nor, will be answering your PPC questions but I will say this: I cannot think of a better way to optimize PPC Campaigns than to use Google Analytics.
    Want to know more? Call us! :)

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