6 Digital Tasks You Can Do While Enjoying the Euro 2012 Games

Who said you can’t enjoy the Euro 2012 games yet still remain productive as a Digital Analyst?
Here at E-Nor, we work hard, but we definitely play hard :)
Today at E-Nor, I caught some hardcore sport fans watching the Germany-Italy game….uhh….I mean working…. ? I was impressed with our multi-tasking skills!
So, here’s a visual tour of our Bay Area office:

  1. Charles playing with his favorite Google Analytics real-time report.

  3. Farid trying to understand what users are doing on our site using the amazing heat map service by CrazyEgg.com.

  5. Asmaa setting up an e-newsletter for one of our beloved clients.

  7. Feras is not really into soccer, so instead enjoys watching Aikido videos to enhance his fighting techniques. Not really sure how he plans to “spin” his Big Data… (Get it? See what I did there? “Spin” is also an Aikido-…nevermind…)

  9. Tina is analyzing the performance of her AdWords campaigns, along with analyzing Italian and German soccer skills. Feature request to Google: integrating AdWords with espn.com :)

  11. Finally, here I am with the game running in the background, switching between that and the live stream of Google IO. I had very little time left to type up this post.

Ok, the rest of the team members aren’t sharing their screens because they’re either working on confidential tasks or they don’t want any distractions from the game :)
Looking forward to the finals on Sunday!
Until then – Happy Analysis!


5 thoughts on “6 Digital Tasks You Can Do While Enjoying the Euro 2012 Games”

  1. Funny :)
    Please Alaa’ give my regards to all e-nor family members and I wish you all the best..


  2. Hi Michael,

    I just saw this comment actually, I need to have a talk with the team here internally :). But as noted, OEM is on top of the priority list!

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