Editing Comments and Posts in Google+, Pros and Cons

One of the unique features of Google+ is the ability to edit comments and posts. In Facebook, if you misspell a word in your comment or status update, the only way to fix it is to delete the entire post and rewrite it.


With the “edit” feature in Google+, it does not matter how many errors you make, because you always have the ability to go back and correct them.


There exists the ability to edit/change thoughts on a conversation after comments have already been posted. This could possibly lead to misleading situations.

Take the following scenario: I start a discussion on a certain topic and after people have engaged in the conversation I change the existing subject all together and without notifying the participants.

Here is a Google+ update I posted today to my work circle:

After I got few answers to my question, I changed the question to how I like to see it :)

In reality this change of context does not happen in human interactions without the awareness of all participants…unless you were interviewed by an unfair news station and when later watching your interview you realize that it was butchered and only passages were aired taking everything out of context.

Request to the Google+ team:

To be fair and accurate to all participants and readers, comments should always be attached to the original topic they’ve posted under/replied to; whether they were a reply to an original post or to someone’s comment. Once a preceding piece was edited all those who commented should be notified of the change and have the ability to approve, delete or change their reply based on the alteration to the original topic.

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6 thoughts on “Editing Comments and Posts in Google+, Pros and Cons”

  1. Another option would be to simply disable editing the original post as soon as there are comments. Might be simpler to implement, and easier to follow (rather than reading a long list of edits by the original author and having dozens or hundreds of people having to modify their comments).

  2. Actually, this can be and would have been abused in the recent Egyptian revolution and counter-revolution.

  3. Great to be able to rewrite history, isn’t it. Can the comments be edited as well – this could be great fun!

    Seems to me this is really a very poor level of version control for a service that should have had better quality assurance!

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