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Google Analytics Interface Changes for the Better

When Google Analytics makes changes to their platform, it’s usually a good thing, and helps users navigate through the dashboard easier, offers a more powerful data experience and overall is seen as beneficial to the user. Google Analytics did just that this time around, as they rolled out some improved features earlier this month. We […]

Quick Google Analytics Tip – How to Share Advanced Segments and Custom Reports

Just recently, one of our clients asked me to share with their analysts a number of custom segments and custom reports that I’ve created for them. With the new “Share” segment button, it was very easy to share the URL of the segments/report and email them to the client. When the analysts clicked on the […]

Advanced Segments in Urchin – Google’s real gift to humanity

  A few months back a colleague of mine called Multiple Custom Variables "Google’s Gift to Humanity."  I disagree.  He had good intentions, like he usually does, but in this case he was terribly misguided.  Multiple Custom Variables are significant and a dream come true to some, but the real gift to humanity, and there […]

Segment Blog Commenters in Google Analytics

Recently Avinash Kaushik shared with his Facebook friends that his blog reached the following millstone: “# of comments on my blog = 8,000 today! Context: 221 posts. 471k words in posts. 742k words in comments.” That is an average of 36 comments per post and 92 words per comment. Congratulations Avinash! For Analytics oriented bloggers […]

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