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Growth Through Analytics with Andy Abbar

Anas (Andy) Abbar of 7awi paints a unique picture of growth through a range of analytics tools and quantitative inputs, including focus groups to create personas, surveys and Google Trends to discover new topics of interest, and Google Analytics for all aspects of audience segmentation and content performance measurement. Andy’s inspiring story provides insight on […]


Get More out of Your Split Testing with Documentation and Post-Test Analysis with Bobby Hewitt

When we approach testing, we can sometimes overlook critical aspects of the process, namely documentation and deep analysis once your testing tool declares a winner. Listen as testing expert Bobby Hewitt shares insights with Feras and Eric on the test elements that you need to document, different testing categories such as social proof and anxiety […]


Announcing E-Nor’s book ‘Google Analytics Breakthrough’!

We at E-Nor are happy to announce the publication of our book Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero To Business Impact authored by Feras Alhlou, Eric Fettman and Shiraz Asif. Google Analytics Breakthrough is a single-source, step-by-step guide for using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to understand user behavior and maximize ROI from your traffic channels. Learn measurement strategy […]

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