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Landing Pages in Two Platforms: Google Analytics and BigQuery

Of the several dozen reports built into the Google Analytics navigation, some are more specialized and rarely used, while others – such as Landing Pages – remain one of the core reports accessed most regularly by the whole spectrum of Google Analytics users. Why is landing pages a perpetual favorite? first exposure: Landing Pages represent […]


Announcing E-Nor’s book ‘Google Analytics Breakthrough’!

We at E-Nor are happy to announce the publication of our book Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero To Business Impact authored by Feras Alhlou, Eric Fettman and Shiraz Asif. Google Analytics Breakthrough is a single-source, step-by-step guide for using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to understand user behavior and maximize ROI from your traffic channels. Learn measurement strategy […]


Tracking Multiple Categories in Google Analytics for Content Pages

In an earlier blog post I covered how to measure user behavior and segmenting content for publishers on Accelerated Mobile Pages. Ever since the post, we were asked many times on how to track articles that are associated with multiple tags and categories in Google Analytics. Unfortunately, the solutions that I see circulating in the […]


Why Attribution Matters Now More Than Ever

In this post, we’ll examine the following aspects of attribution. What is attribution modeling? Why single touchpoint attribution inherently wrong if you have a multi-channel marketing program Why it is crucial to track all of your marketing initiatives as accurately and comprehensively as possible How different attribution models embody different perspectives on marketing value Practical […]


Big Data for Publishers

Using BigQuery to Measure Content Engagement and Performance by Article Topic Gauging the performance of content presents more of a challenge than retail transactions or lead generation: for content, we’re measuring engagement levels rather than specific outcomes (such as purchases, lead generation, or signups), or we’re attempting to correlate pages and subjects with any specific […]


Getting Your Feet Wet in the Data Lake: Analytics 360 in BigQuery

I am really fascinated by BigQuery. The ease of use and the speed it offers to handle really large amounts of data is just amazing. In this post, I’ll highlight the operational benefit of BigQuery over the on-premise Big Data platforms. We’ll then begin filling our data lake with Google Analytics 360 data as just […]


Troubleshooting Google Analytics with Google Tag Assistant

Ever wonder if your Google Analytics implementation was recording hits, events, pageview requests, custom dimensions, conversion pixels, etc., the way you meant it to? Ever wish you could debug it at the page interaction level and see exactly what is being sent to Google Analytics? If you’ve invested in Google Analytics, then you’ve done the […]


Mapping User Constituencies to Google Analytics Segments

Aggregation is the Enemy Make this statement one of your daily mantras. Many websites (and some mobile apps) cater to different user constituencies with different motivations. It’s your critical responsibility as a Google Analytics practitioner to: identify your user constituencies (basically, a fancier way to say user type) create a Google Analytics custom segment that […]

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