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[Webinar Recording] Google Analytics How-Tos for Better Reporting and Bigger Insights

In a recent webinar hosted by the Digital Analytics Association, Feras Alhlou and Eric Fettman reviewed specialized Google Analytics techniques, including: Cross-Device Tracking Cross-Domain Tracking Segmenting by Audience Constituency Custom Dimensions & Calculated Metrics Custom Funnels Google Analytics/CRM Integration To learn how to implement these Google Analytics techniques (and to hear Feras run out of […]


[Webinar Recording] Best Practices for Google Analytics Configuration and Reporting

On Monday, January 25, 2016, we had a successful webinar on “Best Practices for Google Analytics Configuration and Reporting” by our Google Analytics Training Director, Eric Fettman, as well as Roberto Croci from Google Analytics, South East Europe, Middle East & Africa. What We Covered Designed to be hands-on and highly practical for intermediate GA […]

Best Practices for Filters in Google Analytics

Google Analytics filters limit or modify the data that appears in a view. We recommend that most views include a set of “best practices” filters to ensure data quality: Exclude internal traffic Trailing slashes Lowercase – URIs, campaign parameters, event naming Social traffic sources Filter Out Internal Traffic In most cases, you don’t want to […]

[VIDEO] 7 Tips You Need to Know About Migrating to Google Analytics Universal

Google is planning to roll out Universal to all Google Analytics accounts, and that might be a little scary. What does that mean for you? Essential Guidance from an Early Adopter E-Nor is proud to have had the opportunity to serve as early beta testers for Google Analytics Universal and also to partner with TiVo […]


[eBook] Google Analytics Universal Guide: Best Practices for Implementation and Reporting

Download eBook! Implementation, configuration, and reporting are not our final objectives in using Google Analytics. What are our final objectives? Creating a better experience for our end users and generating greater value for our organizations. But there are many aspects of implementation and configuration that we need to get right, and many hidden reporting gems […]

[eBook] 15 Secrets To Perfecting Your Online Store

Click here to download the ebook! Tips! Getting customers through your website’s metaphorical doors is a tough mission! But keeping those visitors engaged once they’re on your site is an even tougher challenge. How do you leap these hurdles and create a site that customers both enjoy visiting and want to keep coming back to? […]

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