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Ask and You Shall Receive: Scale Your Market Research with Google Surveys 360

Google announced Google Surveys 360 this week, a cousin to Google Surveys and a new member to the Google 360 suite of products. With Google Surveys you can access a representative sample of thousands of responses within hours without sacrificing accuracy for speed. Google does this through its in-house validation methods as well as endorsements […]

Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Data to Gain Useful Insights

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about marrying qualitative and quantitative data, giving recommendations on how to conceptually combine both types of data for more useful insights. For the savvy marketers and the analysis ninjas out there, you want a tighter integration, and of course, more segmentation on the qualitative data. Visitors […]

Valentine’s Day Analytics – Marry Quantitative Data with Qualitative Voice of Customer Data

“I…i…i…i… I’m soooo in love with you… whatever you waaaant to dooo… it’s alright with meeeee…!” – lyrics from the “Reverend of Soul” himself – Al Green. It’s Valentine’s Day, love is in the air! So, we thought we’d shoot cupid’s arrow through this next post about data and measurement. Give it some “love”, so […]

E-Nor In The Media – Gobble Up Some Holiday Analytics Reading

We have been hard at work over the past few months doing what we can to share analytics tips, best practices and the latest from the trenches relevant to the measurement industry and those on their road to becoming analysis ninjas :). We have had the pleasure of connecting with some influential media outlets and […]

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