Web Analytics Webinars – Topic Suggestions

This post is directed to the Internet Marketing consultants that attended our Web Analytics Webinar series in 2007 and those interested in continuing their learning in 2008. We will be kicking off our 2008 series soon!

We have received some feedback about areas of interests and wanted to ask for more input & ideas on topics you would like covered.

We’d love for you to take few minutes and share your comments with us and let us know what specific areas you are interested in. For example:

  • How to demonstrate the value in committing the resources to implement an analytics program (this is for those of you that are having difficult time selling analytics to clients that really need it)
  • Analytics implementation & best practices
  • On-going analysis/consulting
  • Other topics that you have on your mind

Let us know via the comment box below. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Web Analytics Webinars – Topic Suggestions”

  1. How can I prevent my visits to alter the Analytics reports, I understand that my IP is dynamically generated so I would not be able to specify a fixed IP. Or should I just forget about blocking traffic generated by me?

  2. Hi Eric,

    Static IP is definitely the best way to be filtered out from Google Analytics reports. You configure an IP filter once and then you are good to go.

    There is another way to filter yourself out of reports but it requires a long term commitment so the plan works. Without getting into the technical details, here are the high level steps:
    1) Create a dummy page on the domain you want to be filtered out.
    2) The dummy page will have special code to create a custom cookie setting called no_report.
    3) Then you can create a filter in Analytics to not include any data from visitors that have a no_report setting.
    4) View the dummy page in your web browsers (IE, Firefox, etc).
    5) You are now filtered out.
    6) If you ever delete your cache/cookies/history, you will need to view the dummy page again.

    Note that you need a separate dummy page and filter for every domain you want to be filtered out.

    Personally, I find if you are not performing any conversion activities (eg. form submissions) on your clients website, then you might not need to be filtered out.

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