Google Analytics Universal Migration Flowchart

The global shift to Google Analytics Universal is upon us. Google plans to migrate everyone, and that can be a little scary. We want to make the migration as clear and seamless as possible for you.

The migration to Google Universal Analytics consists of two basic steps, but we need to keep aware of a few potential twists and turns along the way. The flowchart that appears below illustrates the timeline and decision paths that you’ll follow as you migrate your own Google Analytics properties to Universal.

The flowchart maps out the points discussed in the video that we posted last week, so you can now view the video, follow along in the flowchart, and read though our Universal ebook for a deeper dive into core Google Analytics functionality and Universal-specific considerations.


9 thoughts on “Google Analytics Universal Migration Flowchart”

  1. Is it not also true, that if you don´t see the first message (“Transfer not started”) it may be because you are using a feature that is not yet supported by Universal, such as remarketing?

  2. David, that message just means that your property has not been transferred and is not based on the special functionality (such as the code customization required for remarketing and the Demographics and Interests reports). It’s a great point, though, that if you’re currently using that functionality, you may want to wait to do your transfer till this is enabled in Universal.

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