Google Analytics Training Day – Thank You to All Attendees

A BIG thank you for all who attended the Google Analytics training day in Las Vegas. I know it was an information packed day but your questions, comments, and the “on-the-fly” analysis requests made a huge difference, and I truly appreciate your participation and engagement.

Here are the links to the topics and posts you requested; feel free to contact or email if you have any other questions or comments.

Two other notes:

  • You should have received the slide deck by now
  • The follow up Q&A online webinar is scheduled for Friday 9/30 at 8 AM pacific. You should receive an invitation early next week so mark your calendar!

In preparation for the Q&A webinar, please add your questions and/or comments here and we will get those answered ahead of time or review them during the webinar.

Thanks again and happy analysis!! :)

8 thoughts on “Google Analytics Training Day – Thank You to All Attendees”

  1. Hi Rich, Deven, Rob,

    Thanks for the follow up. You should have received the slide deck by now.

    Hope you are starting to make good use of all the cool analytics “stuff” :)


  2. Feras,

    Here is a question for Friday…

    If I’m sending an email to prospects from my WSI email address and included in the email is an image that it loads from my WSI website, is it possible to tag the image so that I know if a recipient opened the email and downloaded the image? If so, how do I do this?


  3. Hi Feras,
    I’m looking forward to the webinar and have a couple questions.
    1 – When logged into a Google Account, I can only access Analytics via “Visit the previous version of the Google Accounts Screen.” Am I missing somthing or is this the only way to access GA for now?
    2 – Do you have any suggestions to efficently zero in on the relevent data and not get lost in the forest or miss somthing important?

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