We often have an email address that is scattered all over our website and we not only aim to track the number of clicks on this email but rather also track the pages that this email is posted at

In this blog we will go over very simple steps of how to achieve the above goal

1. Add the following java script code to the main header or to the template file default.aspx

2. Add a second set of JavaScript code inside every email tag

To view report:

  • Log into your Google analytics account (www.google.com/analytics)
  • Go to the Content section -> Top Content
  • Filter the list of URL’s to only addresses contain “email_click”

Also we can track the email clicks using the Goal section!

  • Go to: Profile Settings -> Conversion Goals and Funnel
  • Create a goal as described below

  • To view the data go to: Goals -> Goal Verification

About the Author

Allaedin Ezzedin
VP Analytics Engineering
Allaedin wisely guides friends, family and colleagues with honesty and care. He is a long time digital analytics industry veteran leading E-Nor’s analytics team with over a decade of experience as a digital marketing and senior analytics consultant.