Tracking E-mail Clicks across Multiple Pages

We often have an email address that is scattered all over our website and we not only aim to track the number of clicks on this email but rather also track the pages that this email is posted at

In this blog we will go over very simple steps of how to achieve the above goal

1. Add the following java script code to the main header or to the template file default.aspx

2. Add a second set of JavaScript code inside every email tag

To view report:

  • Log into your Google analytics account (
  • Go to the Content section -> Top Content
  • Filter the list of URL’s to only addresses contain “email_click”

Also we can track the email clicks using the Goal section!

  • Go to: Profile Settings -> Conversion Goals and Funnel
  • Create a goal as described below

  • To view the data go to: Goals -> Goal Verification

7 thoughts on “Tracking E-mail Clicks across Multiple Pages”

  1. Hi,
    This post looks to be exactly what I need, but I’m slightly confused about the “Create New Filter” part. What exactly will that do? Is it a necessary piece to get the e-mail tracking to work? I’m not sure what I would type in as the Filter Pattern. Also, does this form appear in the “Top Content” section of Analytics as well? I am not seeing a place to create a filter.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you,

  2. So is this ‘html’ ref just a parameter for tracking? /email_click.htm From what i understand, the only webpages that would need to employ the script are the ones that include the email address. But there is no physical html file called ‘email_click.html’?

  3. Correct Lisa, the /email_click.htmt is just a virtual page and not a real page in your site.

    btw, I wrote this post back in 2008 and that was before Google introduced the Async code and the event tracker. I suggest that you use the following method instead to track email clicks:

    onclick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘Email Clicks’, ‘Click’, href.replace(/^mailto\:/i, ”)])]);”

    So if your email click looks like this:

    change it to:

    Here is the event tracking results in the GA reports for the above example:
    – Event Category: Email
    – Event Action: Click
    – Event Label:

    Please feel free to contact us if you feel manually tagging the email clicks is hard due to the number of emails that need to be tracked. We can discus with you an automated way to tag all the email tags in your site.

    Good luck,

  4. Hi,

    Do you know if the IP filter that I have set up will filter out trackevent so if my client clicks on their own email for testing, it will not be counted in Analytics?


    PS say hi to Feras for me.

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