Data Intelligence Services

You have gained insights from Web analytics, and now it’s time to drive enterprise-scale analytics ROI.

Our Data Intelligence Services (DIS) experts work with you to build out a robust solution that can include:

  • broad integration of data sources
  • advanced capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform
  • pre-analysis data transformations
  • SQL query optimization
  • programmatic analysis and dataset enhancement with R and Python
  • report automation
  • interactive visualization
  • predictive analytics
  • ongoing support and/or training for internal teams

What We Do

  • Review existing processes, practices, roles and governance on the collection, design, QA, testing and enterprise usage of web and digital data, as well as data sets being added to your data lake, such as BigQuery.
  • Recommend and prioritize initatives for your organization that ensures standard and uniform data collection.
  • Guide data preparation that meets enterprise security, compliance, privacy and accuracy requirements.

Explore our DIS offerings or contact us to learn how we can help you design and implement a strategic reporting and analysis infrastructure for next-level insight and competitive advantage.

Our Clients Include