R and Python

Strengthen Your Analysis and Empower Your Team with R and Python-Driven Methodologies

Simple tools answer simple questions; advanced tools answer advanced questions.

Using the R and Python languages, E-Nor can work with you to perform advanced analysis on data sets including Google Analytics, Firebase, DoubleClick, YouTube, and the Google Cloud Platform.

Conceptual overview of data analytics workflows with R, Python and the Google Cloud Platform


Data engineering and data science stakeholders were unfamiliar with Google ecosystem after migrating from Adobe and remained reliant on database admins. One of their biggest challenges was navigating the authentication and BigQuery export schema. Additionally, they wanted to learn more about the value of moving their data science workflows (R and Python) into the Google Cloud.


E-Nor gathered requirements, created a customized training agenda, approved by client stakeholders. We visited the client on-site for a full day of training and shared all materials including reproducible source code upon completion.


Create a customized on-site training course and provide ad-hoc Data Engineering and Analysis consulting support.


Use E-Nor training documentation and best practices in new internal data science documentation and processes after Adobe Migration.


The client implemented a new Google Cloud-based data science workflow and the data science team’s efficiency improved. Several additional machine learning projects were pushed into production. Data science and analysts were no longer requesting help from database admins.

  • Improve your analytics team efficiency by establishing a collaborative, reproducible data science workflow (with R, Python, GitHub, Docker and the Google Cloud).
  • Educate and empower your team to uncover actionable insights within your data with E-Nor training on the tools and methodologies required to answer advanced business questions.
  • Learn ways to integrate machine learning results into your GA 360 or other analytics platform. Programmatically upload customer-level analysis results, predicted values into analytics tools for segmentation in further reporting and analysis.

If you want to answer important business questions with R and Python and empower your team with the tools, techniques, and language skills for advanced analysis, contact E-Nor.